How to Make Earphone and How does Earphone Works

There is nothing as exciting as making your earphones and using them. It might look complex, but the science of how earphones work is very easy to understand. Once you understand it, you can easily make your earphones.

How Do Earphones Work?

Before we look at the ways in which you can make your earphones, let us first discuss how they work.

Here are some basic principalities of how an earphone works:

It’s all about completing the circuit

At its basic level, an earphone is all about completing the circuit. In as much as an earphone may look so complex, it is just a loop of wire with currents passing through it. Electric currents interact with a magnet that pushes the air, which produces the sound. So, to produce electric currents, you must complete a circuit.

Parts of earphones

To understand how earphones work, you will need to know the different parts of earphones and their work in helping to produce sound.


Speakers of earphones are just like other speakers, just that they are smaller and put very close to your ears. They are usually too small that they fill the ear’s outer void.


Transducers are the devices responsible for converting energy from one form into another. In an earphone, there are two transducers that convert your device’s energy into sound energy. Just like any other circuit, an earphone has a conductor that draws energy from the source and provides it to the load, which is the transducer.

The Jack

The jack is what connected the conductor to the source. The tip of the jack has the sleeves that power the right and left earphones.

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How to Make Earphones

It is possible for you to make earphones on your own. With the knowledge of how earphones work, you should follow the steps below:

Steps 1:

The first step is to find an earphone cable, a cup, a wire, and a magnet. These are the basic things that you will need for a DIY earphone.

Step 2:

Use the wire to wrap around the plastic cup. You will need to tape it down to ensure it is stationary.

Step 3:

The third step is to connect the loop to the earphone cable. It is important that you use a pair of wires that go to the same side, lest your earphones will not work.

Step 4:

Finally, add a magnet to the cup (at the bottom) and plug your new speaker into your phone.

As simple as that, you can create your earphones at home.