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What’s the difference between a wireless headset and a Bluetooth headset?

TWS dual module for wireless headset

Compared with the traditional Bluetooth headset, the wireless headset uses the latest TWS dual module, which achieves the effect of true wireless stereo, and compared with the traditional Bluetooth headset, not only eliminates the winding of the wire. It also avoids the “stethoscope” effect of headphones during exercise.

Wireless headphones with battery compartment

Wireless headphones are basically equipped with battery storage, Bluetooth headphones can be replenished in time when they are out of power, bringing longer life. Take Jiebolang’s Elite Active 65t as an example. The battery compartment can provide two charging capabilities for the headphones and provide 15 hours of integrated battery life for the headphones.

Most wireless headphones have interactive mode

A number of wireless Bluetooth headphones provide more interaction modes, in order to ask TicPods Free to ask the real wireless Bluetooth headset for example, provided take off the headset music to stop playing, re-wear restore playback. “Tickle” double-click to cut the song, answer and hang up the phone, slide up and down to increase or decrease the volume and other interactive mode.

The traditional ear-in Bluetooth headsets are all connected with a wire, which allows them to get rid of the physical connection with the sound source, but the wire between the two headsets still brings some interference when wearing. Typical example: especially when the body needs exercise, such as exercise, traditional Bluetooth headset can not handle the “stethoscope effect.” Of course, not limited to this, in addition to the absence of the middle line, for the gameplay and user freedom, etc., true wireless headphones will bring a significant improvement to this part of the experience.
However, there are also some shortcomings in true wireless Bluetooth headsets, such as poor stability and high power consumption. This is due to the fact that most true wireless Bluetooth headsets currently use Bluetooth 4.2 technology.

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