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DIY Electric Car Lamp by 5V Mobile Power Supply

Today we’re going to DIY to rebuild an electric car lamp:

G01  welding
G01  texting
G01  texting
P01 Electric vehicle lamp
P01  Electric vehicle lamp

Preparing of DIY Electric Car Lamp


The effect of DIY modification is to use USB bus as the power input interface to replace the previous control line to input directly as following picture.

P02  Finished product rendering

Material Tool Preparation of electronic car lamp

  • Electric car lamp 1
  • USB base 1
  • Wire tools, etc.
P03 DIY protagonist

Design Principle of Car Lamp

First, the input and control of this electric lamp is > 12V power supply. There are two control terminals, LED and speaker, and three control lines at the public ground terminal. Connect the four pin ends of the USB base with the pad on the circuit board of the car lamp according to the figure below. Later, a car lamp controller connected to the USB base can be used.First,

P04 schematic diagram of diy car lamp

DIY process sharing

As you can see from previous disassembly articles, this electric car lamp is easy to disassemble.

P05 Electric Car Lamp
P05 Electric Car Lamp

There are four fixed screws at the bottom:

 P06  bottom
P06  bottom

Remove four fixing screws:

P07 Remove Screw
P07 Remove Screw

You can see the internal structure:

 P08  internal structure
P08  internal structure

The circuit board is fixed to the radiating aluminium sheet:

 P09  circuitboard
P09  circuitboard

Find three pad contacts for the control line:

P10 control endpoint
P10 control endpoint

Open the hole at the bottom, then install the USB base and fix it with hot melt adhesive.

P11 installation USB base
P11 installation USB base
P12 Connecting Wire
P12 Connecting Wire

Welding completed:

 P13  welding
P13  welding

Then the USB wire is welded to the corresponding control end pad of the circuit board.

P14  connecting with pcb

After the welding is finished, the wiring is arranged and the cover can be closed.

 P15 Welding Completion
P15 Welding Completion

Finally, stick a label on it.

p16 tag
p16 tag

My Felling about diy car lamp

This DIY transformation of electric vehicle lamp uses USB base as power input interface, mainly considering the high frequency of use of USB interface, and four pin input meets the requirements of the number of lines for this power input, and then will continue DIY, a special vehicle lamp controller powered by mobile power supply, so that there is no power supply in bicycles and other places. The 5V portable power supply can also be used on the riding equipment for normal use.


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