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How to Identify Color Ring Resistor Quickly

Why is it called color ring resistor?

First of all, why is it called color ring resistor? It is because four or five color rings are used to represent the resistor value on the resistor. Why not print the resistance value directly on the resistor? That is because the color ring marking method can read the color information representing the resistance value from any angle at one time, but the digital marking method is different. First, it is difficult to recognize the small character, and then it is affected by the direction and angle of the text. Under a large number of special installation positions, it is impossible to read the digital information representing the resistance value.

In practical electronic work, how to quickly find the resistance value of the resistor you want can improve work efficiency, but also a basic skill, but you must quickly grasp.

Tools/raw materials

  • Color ring resistor
  • Memorize color ring tables


The color ring resistor is divided into five rings and four rings. Four colors are four rings and five colors are marked on the resistor body as five rings. Come on.

resistor color

Having mastered the table above, now let’s let you know how to read the five-ring resistance. First, we need to know which is the first number. Look at the picture below, there are five colors, so it’s the five-ring. We need to read according to the five-ring table. Then we need to know which is the first color ring. Look at the difference between home, one side of the four colors closer, the other color ring is farther away, so we know from left to right, the first color ring is yellow, followed by purple, black, orange, brown.


Below is the color identification and reading of the table of four-ring resistors.

「four-band ring resistors image」的圖片搜尋結果
4-band resistor color

Having mastered the table above, now let’s let you know how to read the four-ring resistor. After knowing the five-ring operation, the four-ring operation is relatively simple. First, the difference between the four-ring and the five-ring operation is that there is only one less link for effective mathematics, and the other reading methods are similar, according to the table above. Just do it. We know that the first color is red, followed by red, black and orange.

coclor resistor example
coclor resistor example

So red is 2 in the first ring, red in the second ring is 2, black in the third ring is 1 in the 0 th power of product 10, and the error in the fifth ring is (+5). Now we can calculate the resistance value of 22*1=22 Euros, and then the error is (+5). So the range of resistance value is between 20.9R and 23.1R, and the resistance value is normal.

coclor resistor example
coclor resistor example

Attention when reading resistor color

Do not contradict the first and last position of the color ring. Don’t make a mistake about the colour. Use a multimeter to measure the colour under uncertain circumstances.


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