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The iPhone 6 Detonates the Parts Market,Chinese mobile phone shell is popular in Europe and America

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled two new smartphones in September 2014, which also spawned another market worth tens of millions of pounds – Phone6 and the iPhone 6 Plus for mobile case and accessories. The average price of an iPhone case is 13.4, a huge 67 million market in the UK alone. There are countless people using the iPhone in the United States, Asia, Australia and China, so the market of the mobile phone shell is very large.

China is a big manufacturer of mobile phone shell

China is the base of the production of the iPhone, and also a major manufacturer of mobile phone shells. In recent years, mobile phone shells have become hot sales products for cross-border e-commerce, which are continuously exported to overseas consumers through cross-border e-commerce platforms or other self-built websites. 3C industry celebrities have said that mobile phone, mobile phone accessories, mobile phone accessories are the three main categories of mobile phones, of which mobile phone accessories account for the largest proportion, accounting for 55%; mobile phone as a new force, rising very fast, has increased from 10% last year to 29% this year; the proportion of mobile phone accessories has also increased from 8% last year to 16% this year. %.

According to a recent report in the Guardian, although new smartphones have created new business opportunities, their size data are almost completely confidential before they are officially launched, which means that accessories manufacturers face a dilemma: do not wait until the new phones come on the market to measure their size, and then organize factories as soon as possible. Make accessories and accessories; or try to get relevant data before the mobile phone goes on the market through some industrial espionage.

“Time is absolutely important to the market,” says Deborski Sarkar of STK Accessories. The manufacturer of the mobile phone case had predicted the size of the iPhone 6 to be 4.7 inches, but could not predict the exact size of the larger 6 Plus. Sarkar said: “At that time, the mobile phone accessories market was at a loss, which meant that after the launch of the accessories for the iPhone 6, it would take three or four weeks to buy the 6 Plus accessories.”

The iPhone case is a popular product

The iPhone case is a big market. Almost nine out of ten owners put their expensive mobile phones in their cell phone shells. NPD, an American market analyst, says 87% of people use cell phone shells. GfK, a research group, also said that last year, British Apple mobile phone users bought 5 million mobile phone shells, including one with wooden keys and a plastic case with a Case Kingston pattern.

In the United States, there are more users of the iPhone and a broader market for mobile phone accessories. In the quarter before Christmas, mobile phone accessories accounted for 40% to 60% of the year. Decorative mobile phone shells began 15 years ago when Nokia models were built, but the industry that turned mobile phone shells into money-making began with Apple smartphones.

The average price of an iPhone case is 13.4, a 67 million business in the UK alone. But there are more mobile phones using Google Android, especially Samsung. These owners will also buy mobile phone accessories. NPD found that only about two-thirds of Samsung mobile phone owners buy mobile phone shells.

In Shenzhen, southern China, Foxconn is responsible for the production of the iPhone. For accessories manufacturers, a new mobile phone model is worth thousands of pounds.

The new mobile phone began production at the end of the summer. Although Foxconn strictly prevented workers from leaking relevant data, it inevitably leaked out. Weeks before Cook announced the new iPhone, videos of models, screens and components of the upcoming iPhones were circulated online. Each video is also sold to a handset manufacturer or accessories manufacturer for thousands of pounds.

According to Kevin Farrow, co-founder of Mota, a mobile phone shell manufacturer, about 65% of mobile phones are sold to iPhone owners, 30% to Samsung owners and 5% to other brands. Steve Mutram, head of operations at Olloclip, which makes pin cameras, said: “Apple users tend to be wealthier, and using a cell phone shell is an insurance strategy (to prevent the cell phone from falling and breaking down).

Olloclip, founded in May 2011 by Patrick O’Neill, now has annual revenue of $12 million. Patrick O’Neill said, “If only they could give us information in advance, we’d be quick.” He bought a 3-D printer for $70,000, which was considered a crazy move at the time, but now, seeing the company’s engineers completely redesign the pin camera system and get it to zero millimetres, he finally admits that it was a smart move.

The new version of the iPhone will be able to take multi-angle selfies or standard back shots, complete multi-angle or close-up shots, and also prevent shaking. With the help of a 3D printer, each redesign can be completed in a few hours without having to go to the factory to see the model, saving valuable time.

“When the iPhone 6 came out, Best Buy had a new iPhones case,” O’Neill said. When the iPhone 4S was released in October 2011, there were rumors that it would have a teardrop shape. A mobile phone shell company made 50,000 mobile phone shells that day, and all of them were scrapped; the same tragedy happened when the iPhone 6 Plus appeared. Some people say in online videos that the iPhone 6 Plus may be bent because they are too thin. Manufacturers of mobile phone shells rushed to make reinforced mobile phone shells, but when Shenzhen’s factory was busy making reinforced mobile phone shells, Apple said it had sold 10 million mobile phones, with only nine owners complaining that the fuselage was too thin. These reinforced cell phone shells will soon be processed cheaply, and they should look like the teardrop-shaped cell phone shells of the iPhone 4s.

Casetify, a mobile phone shell manufacturer, allows customers to upload their favorite mobile phone shell design styles to customize the phone shell. “We were one of the first manufacturers to get the 6Plus size, and our mobile phone case was on the market the day Cook released the new iPhone,” company manager Jieun Choi said.

“We have a factory in Shenzhen, so we’ll try to get information about the new iPhone as early as possible,” said Mark McHarry, spokesman for Mota. Sarkar of STK also said, “I have friends who work for Apple, but I heard that only 10 people know the complete information about the new mobile phone.”

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