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Huawei Cell Phone with Exclusive OS Arriving Q4

On Friday, Huawei is set to uncover its HongMeng OS – its option in contrast to Android which the US government is avoiding Huawei from utilizing. Huawei could put a cell phone utilizing the HongMeng OS available in Q4, reports the China paper Global Times.It is accounted for that the principal utilization of HongMeng in a cell phone will be in a mid-to-low end telephone – the Mate30 arrangement – costing around $290.

Anyway the principal utilization of HongMeng won’t be in telephones however in Huwaei’s Honor savvy TVs which are relied upon to be put available on Saturday.

Different uses for HongMeng are said to be IoT, self-governing vehicles, remote drug and modern control.

There are recommendations that Huawei is as of now running tests with the HongMeng OS to decide its similarity with Android applications.

Huawei is said to have enormous designs for the OS, wanting to get it to keep running on different stages.

In contrast to Android, which depends on Linux, Huawei is said to be seeking after a methodology like Google’s Fuchsia OS – putting together it with respect to a smaller scale piece – which is better for AI, and progressively appropriate for use in an assortment of stages.

HongMeng is named after a character who existed before creation – when all was tumult.

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