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How to Charge Samsung Mobile Phone Correctly

Warning: When the battery is low, the power is less than 10%. Forced charging while working is a fatal damage to the battery.

Here are some tips for cell phone battery use:

  1. Don’t use the so-called universal charging in the market, it will only destroy your cell phone battery faster and shorten its life.
  2. Do not over discharge. The battery should be charged when the equipment prompts that the power is insufficient; it will not be charged until the equipment shuts down automatically, and the battery has been over discharged. This will affect battery life.
  3. Don’t overcharge. When the charger gives full instructions, it should be unplugged. Current chargers are generally full of self-stop design, it’s okay not to take the battery down from the charger in a short time, but for a long time to leave the battery on the charger, until the power grid voltage rises late at night, the charger that has stopped charging will continue to charge after the voltage rises, resulting in battery overcharging. This will affect battery life.
  4. If the battery is not used for a long time, it should be charged up to 60%, stored in a cool and dry place separately, and recharged every 4 or 5 months.

Battery Knowledge

Lithium batteries have been activated and pre-charged before they go out of the factory, which is why we found the batteries electrified when we bought a new machine. In fact, after the production of lithium batteries, the batteries are charged at constant voltage, then discharged through several charging and discharging cycles, so that the electrodes are fully immersed in the electrolyte, and the lithium batteries are fully activated.

New batteries will feel better with a few days, feel that the duration of the long, because the production, storage, transportation, sales process, the battery is not used, there will be a period of dormancy, with a few days later equivalent to re-activation.

At present, all mobile phone batteries on the market are lithium batteries. They do not need to be activated and have no memory. So you don’t have to wait for the battery to run out and charge it for 12 hours. These practices are very old practices and now OUT. We can use it regularly, and we don’t need to run out of batteries and recharge them three times before.

Many cell phones are out of power. For convenience’s sake, plug in the charger and continue to use the cell phone. What harm will it cause when charging and playing there?

Regular batteries have protective circuits, and their output is very stable, because it is designed according to the internal circuit of the mobile phone to limit the size of the current. So regular batteries charge while playing is relatively safe, but when the batteries are not full, they charge while playing. At this time, the current activity is very large, so mobile phones, batteries and chargers operate at high loads, causing serious heat on the back of mobile phones, resulting in slow response of mobile phones, affecting the protection circuit of mobile phones, and manage the life of batteries

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