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How to Use Potable Power

Basically, people don’t need to teach mobile power, they can use it at a glance. However, when using mobile power supply, we need to pay attention to what matters; the correct use of mobile power supply; how to use mobile power in peacetime to extend the life of mobile power supply, and so on. For the above problems, not everyone will know.

What is Mobile Power?

“Mobile Charging Battery” can directly supply or charge the product through the DC power input interface of electronic products. Generally, lithium batteries or dry batteries are used as storage units. It is a storage device of lithium battery polymer itself. It regulates the voltage by IC chip and releases the stored energy by connecting power cord. It can be said that “mobile charging treasure” is a portable charger.

Non-dry battery mobile power

Its characteristics are: 1. Convenience, power supply can be realized without installing dry batteries. 2. Multifunctional, because the product has high-performance built-in chips, so it can give mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PDA, game machines (PSP, etc.), Bluetooth headphones, digital cameras, CD players, repeaters, digital cameras, portable DVD, laptop computers and other digital products services.

Mobile Charging Battery

This kind of mobile power can be said to be the product of the initial stage of the development of mobile power supply, because its cost is low, so it still has a certain market share. It is mainly through the installation of battery packs to form a power supply device, and then through the charging line, to realize charging digital equipment, generally only to some mobile phones and other products. Electricity. Widely appear in trains, long-distance buses and other places where traveling customers often appear, there are also general tourist attractions.

Use Method of potable power and Notices in Use

Mobile power supply is called mobile power supply, so its design is light, compact and easy to carry. Usually people use USB data cable to connect devices that need to be charged directly. The following items should be noted in use.

  • 1. The output voltage range of mobile power supply. Some devices have USB interface, but also need to use mobile power supply. However, it is important to note that the input voltage range of your device is 5.3-0.5v for the general mobile power supply. If the range of input voltage required by the equipment is not within the range of mobile power supply, then it is recommended not to use mobile power supply to ensure the service life of mobile power supply.
  • 2. USB connectors must be matched, because the devices corresponding to various USB data lines are different. Therefore, in order to use mobile power supply normally, please use a matching USB data interface.
  • 3. Placement environment of mobile power supply, all kinds of electrical appliances need to be placed in dry, low air humidity environment, and high humidity environment is not conducive to the preservation of all kinds of electrical appliances, so, in order to service life of mobile power supply, please try to put mobile power supply in dry environment.
  • 4. Frequently use mobile power supply, charging and discharging mobile power supply once a month, often use. It can maximize the service life of mobile power supply.
  • 5. Fall-proof and shock-proof. Mobile power is actually a fragile component, the internal components can not withstand the fall. Especially to prevent accidental landing in the process of use. Do not throw, knock or shake the mobile power supply. Rough treatment of mobile power will destroy the internal circuit board.
  • 6. Cold and heat protection. Don’t put the mobile power in the place where the temperature is too high. High temperatures shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy mobile power supplies, and deform or melt some plastic parts. And don’t store mobile power in an overcooled place. When the mobile power supply works in the supercooled environment, when the internal temperature rises, the moisture will form in the mobile power supply and destroy the circuit board.
  • 7. Anti-violent chemicals. Do not use strong chemicals, detergents or strong detergents to clean the mobile power supply. Cleaning the appearance stain of mobile power supply can be scrubbed by cotton with a small amount of anhydrous alcohol.
  • 8. Nowadays, many people on the Internet have such questions. Will the use of mobile power damage their own mobile phones, tablets, cameras and other digital products? This, please rest assured. Mobile power supply is just for the convenience of power supply equipment for all kinds of digital products. As long as you choose the mobile power supply manufactured by regular manufacturers, there is basically no damage to all kinds of handheld devices. But if you buy the mobile power supply manufactured by Shanzhai and black workshop, it’s hard to say.
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