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What if the mobile phone connects to the computer and only shows charging?

Generally, when the mobile phone connects to the computer through the data line, there will be more or less problems, either the data line connection is abnormal, or the software is not installed. USB interface is used to connect computers with mobile phones, but it is easy to encounter such or other problems when connecting computers with mobile phones for the first time. For example, when connecting computers with mobile phones only shows charging, the reasons for such problems are relatively simple. As long as we know the methods of solving the problems, we can find the reasons and solve them accordingly.

Solution of Mobile Phone Connecting to Computer Display Charging Only

  • Method 1: Open the USB debugging mode of smartphone. If the mobile phone is Android’s, please go to the mobile phone settings – Application development, and check the USB debugging mode in it.

Most of today’s Android smartphones are used. By default, Android phones connect to computers by turning on USB debugging mode. Without debugging, they can only charge the phone. Like some common 91 cell phone assistants or pea pods, they can’t recognize a cell phone. In many cases, because the USB debugging is not turned on in the mobile settings, the computer can not find the mobile phone storage disk, and the computer software such as pea pod can not connect to the mobile phone, so it becomes the mobile phone connected to the computer intelligent display charging.

  • Method 2: Mobile phone driver installation, Android mobile phone installation ADB driver.

Generally speaking, the first use of 91 mobile assistants, pea pods or 360 assistants and other auxiliary software will automatically detect the phone driver, and then install, if not successfully installed or error will lead to Android phones even if the USB debugging mode is turned on, only show charging. This situation can be entered into the computer device manager to see if the ADB driver has a yellow exclamation mark, and if so, it belongs to the driver problem.

  • Method 3: Other Solutions

Generally speaking, it’s not enough for mobile phone to connect to computer only to display charging. Then there may be problems with mobile phone, computer or data line equipment. We can try to change the data line and the computer lamp.

Causes of incompatible data lines. Generally speaking, cell phone data lines are universal, but in addition to individual mobile phones, with other data lines, it can not connect to the computer, can only charge, sometimes even charging can not be completed, so the original data lines must be well collected to prevent similar phenomena.

Mobile phones may be infected with viruses. Many mobile phones often surf the Internet and download many games and software, which invisibly brings various security risks to mobile phones. When the virus in the mobile phone, some mobile phones may not be able to connect to the computer. At this time, the mobile phone anti-virus software must be used for anti-virus, and then continue to connect. When the mobile phone can not be completely anti-virus, you can directly find after-sales service for anti-virus and find out the reasons.

The problem of mobile phone itself. Nowadays, mobile phones are becoming more and more intelligent, but there are also various problems in mobile phones. Whether it is software or hardware problems, the general mobile phone players are basically unable to solve by themselves. In this case, they can not connect to the computer, and only find a mobile phone maintenance provider for maintenance.

The problem of mobile phone data line interface. The test method, using the same data line, replaced by a normal mobile phone for testing, if only the display charging, but unable to connect to the computer. This means that it is a problem of data line. We can try to change a new data line for secondary connection.

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