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How many generations is AirPods a2031?

More and more consumers are keen on AirPods headphones, and the market is constantly emerging with sub-prime, old and new AirPods. Many consumers buy the AirPods model a2031, but they don’t know whether it’s the first or the second generation. Next, the IT Encyclopedia will give you a detailed answer about how AirPods a2031 is generations and how to identify the AirPods model.

AirPods a2031 is the second generation product of AirPods, which is the latest version of AirPods launched in 2019. In addition to the a2031 model, the a2032 model was also produced in 2019. The AirPods labeled a1523 and a1722 are AirPods 1 products, which were launched in 2017.

How does AirPods Charging Box Differentiate

In addition to the AirPods headset body, our consumers also need to identify the AirPods charging box. AirPods charging boxes also have model labels on their surfaces, including a1938 wireless charging boxes launched in 2019 and a1602 cable charging boxes launched in 2017. Both models support AirPods 1 and AirPods 2, which are displayed in Apple devices when they are in use.

We can also differentiate between wireless and wired charging through the location of the indicator lamp in the AirPods charging box. Among them, the IrPods charging box indicator lamp of the wireless charging plate is on the front side of the charging box, while the indicator lamp of the wired charging plate is inside the box.

This is a detailed introduction to the generation of AirPods a2031 and how to view the generation of AirPods.

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