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Trump says Apple CEO Tim Cook is a ‘great executive’

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Guidance: US President Trump said Apple CEO Tim Cook was "a great executive". It's not because Cook runs a successful big company, Trump says, because he calls him "whenever there's a problem".

US President Trump said Apple CEO Tim Cook was “a great executive”. It’s not because Cook runs a successful big company, Trump says, because he calls him “whenever there’s a problem”.

Trump told reporters Wednesday, “That’s why he’s a great executive. Because he calls me, and no one else calls me.”

Last week, Cook had dinner with Trump. Their relatively friendly relationship contrasts sharply with Trump’s position on other technology executives, such as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who is often at odds with these executives.

“Others hire very expensive consultants,” Trump said. But Cook called me directly.”

In fact, Cook may have to ask Trump for help, because U.S. trade policy has a great impact on Apple’s interests, and his “problems” are often caused by Trump.

It is reported that Trump met with Cook on the 18th. Cook warned that the tariff would damage Apple’s competitiveness and put it at a disadvantage in the competition with Samsung.

Faced with Cook’s concerns, Trump said, “I think his views are convincing, so I’m thinking about it.”

Cook might be eager to connect in light of the fact that Apple has a ton in question with regards to strategy choices. The organization does most of its last gadget get together in China, putting items, for example, the iPhone in danger when the Trump organization reports taxes on Chinese imports. Trump has said he needs Apple to make its items in the U.S.

Apple’s iPhone was in line to get a 10% tax beginning Sept. 1, preceding Trump reported a transitory relief for workstations and cellphones, pushing the begin date for the obligations back to Dec. 15.

As indicated by Trump, Cook as of late contended that the 10% levy would be out of line to Apple, particularly contrasted and its essential rival Samsung, which does the vast majority of its assembling in South Korea. Trump recommended on Wednesday that Cook legitimately impacted the organization’s choice to postpone the tax on cellphones and workstations.

“The issue was that Samsung, a contender, his rival, wouldn’t pay duties, and Tim Cook would,” Trump said. “I gotta help him out present moment, since it’s an extraordinary American organization.”

Apple didn’t promptly react to a solicitation for input.

The Relationship between Trump and Cook

The ongoing clash over import obligations is just the most recent in a long series of endeavors to keep Apple out of Trump’s exchange war.

Apple requested obligation waivers for parts for the Mac Pro in July. The Mac Pro is a costly PC that was collected in Texas, however there’s an upgrade propelling not long from now, which might be made in China, as indicated by The Wall Street Journal.

Trump tweeted that Apple would not be getting any tax waivers or help for Mac Pro parts made in China.

At the point when Cook was gotten some information about the issue on Apple’s profit call, he said he’d like to make the PC in the U.S., yet additionally underscored that Apple was in contact with the organization.

“We’re clarifying that and trust in a positive result,” Cook said.

Not exactly a month after Trump was chosen, he said that Cook called him following the triumph to compliment him.

Cook has condemned Trump for his natural approaches, his migration strategies, and his lukewarm reaction to the dangerous white patriot rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017.

Cook has some good times at the president. After Trump erroneously called the CEO “Tim Apple” in March, Cook changed his Twitter profile name to Tim pursued by the notable Apple logo.

In spite of their disparities, the lines of correspondence are open. As Trump said at the White House in July, “A man I have a ton of loving for and regard is Tim Cook, and we’ll work it out.”

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