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How do You Choose, Samsung or Huawei 5G Mobile Phones

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Guidance: In the Era of Smartphones, Which One is better? Samsung or Huawei 5G mobile phones? Samsung and Huawei officially launched commercial 5G mobile phones. In the era of smartphones, "big screen" is the standard of all flagship mobile phones. A month ago, Huawei released its first 5G mobile phone, Mate 20X (5G). On this 5G mobile phone, Huawei has a larger screen than Samsung. Compare with the Samsung 5G phones and Huawei 5G phones, Who is better? 

Samsung launched its first 5G mobile phone in China, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + 5G.

At present, Samsung and Huawei rank second in the global mobile phone market share. What’s the difference between the first 5G mobile phone launched by the two big mobile phone companies in China?

Shape comparison of 5G mobile phones

Huawei has a bigger screen. Huawei uses a 7.2-inch display, while Samsung uses a 6.8-inch full-screen. Although the screen of Samsung’s 5G mobile phone is slightly smaller than Huawei’s, the 6.8-inch (right-angle) super-sensory full-view screen is already the largest screen in the history of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. In terms of colour, Huawei has only one colour, Jade, while Samsung has three colours: Monet, McQueen Black and Miss White.

Photographic Function Contrast

Samsung scored higher. Huawei has the same configuration as Samsung, but the overall pixel of Huawei is higher than Samsung. Hua5G mobile phone is equipped with 24 megapixel pre-single camera and Leica Post-Three camera: 40 megapixel wide angle + 20 megapixel ultra-wide angle + 8 megapixel long focus. Samsung has a 10-megapixel front camera and three rear cameras: 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera + 12-megapixel wide-angle lens + 12-megapixel long-focus lens. However, on the authoritative website DxOmark, Samsung 5G mobile phone is the highest scored mobile phone in the mobile phone list. Hua5G mobile phones are not included.

Chip Comparison

Samsung seldom introduces the chip, only reveals that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series carries a new generation of 7Nm process high performance processors. Although Samsung has not introduced much, Samsung has always been a leading company in the chip industry and has a crystal factory. Samsung also revealed that the mobile phone is equipped with 5G baseband chip, which has raised the speed to a new level. Even in peak hours and multi-task processing, it can achieve safe and fast connection, allowing users to experience low latency and less buffer, and enjoy downloading, playing games and watching network videos. Huawei introduced two main self-developed 5G chips. Huawei Mate 20X carries 7Nm 5G dual-mode full-network chip Balong 5000 and 7Nm SoC chip Kirin 980. Baron 5000 with 7Nm process technology has small size, high integration and strong performance. It can be downward compatible with 4G, 3G and 2G network formats.

Compare with 5G Performance

Huawei supports dual mode. 5G standard networking methods are divided into NSA (non-independent networking) and SA (independent networking). According to reports, in the initial stage of 5G network construction, based on the existing fast upgrading and optimization scheme of 4G network equipment, it is beneficial for operators to quickly lay 5G network and meet consumers’increasingly high demand for the network. With the evolution and development of 5G network in the future, the independent networking mode will be able to give full play to the advantages of 5G, which is the final form of 5G development. Huawei stressed that Hua5G mobile phone is the only smartphone that supports two modes commercially. Samsung 5G mobile phone currently only supports 5G commercial mode under independent networking. Compared with independent networking, non-independent networking deployment is faster and technology is more mature and stable at this stage. It is a good choice to experience 5G at present. Next year, Samsung will continue to promote the transition between the two modes until the independent networking standards come into being.

Compare with Their Price

Samsung is 1,800 yuan more expensive than Huahua. In terms of price, Huawei is slightly lower than Samsung, but its memory is also smaller than Samsung. Huawei sells for 6199 yuan and Samsung sells for 7999 yuan, which is 1800 yuan higher than Huawei. In terms of memory, Huawei is equipped with 8GB memory + 256GB storage, and Samsung has 12GB memory + 256GB storage, which can be extended to 1TB at most. In terms of price, some analysts believe that Huawei 6199’s price may be “losing money”. He Gang, president of Huawei’s consumer business BG mobile phone product line, has said that the first model does not consider profitability, but rather aims to make more consumers accept it and help operators mature quickly in parameter configuration and function.

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