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Huawei’s 5G Mobile Phone is on Sale, and It’s All Gone

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Guidance: Huawei launched its first 5G smartphone "Mate20X 5G" in China on August 16. The report said that the demand for the 5G version of Huawei Mobile Phone was in short supply before it was sold. The mobile phone has already booked more than 1 million units in various major e-commerce platforms, and there has been a "second kill" situation after it was sold.

Huawei 5G Mobile Phone Open Selling, Major E-Commerce Appears “Second Kill”

On August 16, a young male customer who bought a 5G smartphone “Mate20X 5G” at a Huawei store in Guangzhou said, “He wanted to try 5G first, so he changed his cell phone.” Huawei stores are crowded, and many customers come to pick up mobile phones for online bookings.

According to data from IDC, an American research company, shipments of smartphones in China increased 27% from April to June, to 36.3 million units, and the market share increased by nearly 10 percentage points to 37%.

According to Taiwan’s “Wangbao” on August 19, the mainland’s consumption power is astonishing, as can be seen from the sales of scientific and technological products. The latest Hua5G mobile phone, which sells for 6,199 yuan, was quickly sold out in less than a minute when it opened online on August 16. With the completion of 5G scenario, the future gas buyer is more worth looking forward to.

On the platform of the electronics business and the forum of Huawei mobile phone, many consumers also said, “Just opened the page, you see the short sale! It’s so hot!” “Huawei’s pricing is not high, so it sells too fast!” Many consumers have to continue to book the August 17 snap-up.

Reported that the same is true in the physical stores, in Shanghai Changning Road Suning eBay 5G experience store, early on August 16, nearly 100 users queued up to buy Hua5G mobile phones. The same situation is happening in Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Wuxi and Wuhan.

As of August 15, the booking volume has exceeded 1 million units and started well. In the context of the decline in smartphone sales caused by US sanctions, Huawei launched an offensive in the 5G area to further tap into China’s smartphone demand. Many consumers reported that the platform spot is too small, 5G mobile phones are very difficult to grab. After opening at 10:08 a.m. on August 16, it took only about 1 minute, including Huawei official mall, Jingdong mall, Tianmao mall and other channels have shown “no goods”.

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