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Qualcomm Won the Pause of FTC Ruling

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Guidance: Qualcomm was partially suspended in the implementation of a comprehensive anti-trust ruling

August 23 (Reuters) – Qualcomm has been suspended in part from its full anti-trust ruling, according to a lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The company lost an anti-monopoly lawsuit on May 21 and has been trying to shelve the ruling in the execution of the appeal.

The San Diego, California-based company believes that letting the governing support overturn negotiations with mobile phone manufacturers over 5G chips.

In a ruling issued on Friday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal shelved the terms of its previous ruling, which required Qualcomm to grant patent licences to rival chip suppliers and to terminate its practice of requiring its chip customers to sign patent licences before purchasing chips.

Earlier rulings required Qualcomm to renegotiate all its existing chip and patent deals and to make the new deals meet the requirements.

Qualcomm did not immediately respond to requests for comment. After the news, stock prices rose briefly, but fell 0.7% to $76.62 by midday. Qualcomm’s share price has fluctuated this year after a major lawsuit with Apple Inc., rising from the mid-range of $50 to more than $85, but fell to the $60 range after the Federal Trade Commission lost its case.

The company has not formally appealed in the FTC lawsuit. Friday’s stay will suspend the impact of some of the rulings, and the appeal process may take a year or more to complete.


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