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Canon EOS M6 Mark II, 90D Specification

Yesterday canonwatch came out with Canon EOS M6 Mark II and 90D specifications. What I never expected was an official promotional video less than a day later. Leaked, and hammered the specifications of the two new machines.

Canon EOS M6 Mark II, 90D Specification Hammer
Canon EOS M6 Mark II, 90D Specification Hammer

EOS 90D Mark II uses the new 32.5MP APS-C format CMOS sensor and DIGIC 8 processor, sensor Supports full-core dual-pixel focusing and human eye recognition focusing technology, with a maximum continuous shooting speed of 10FPS, up to 4K 30P Ultra HD video and 1080P 120P slow motion video. A 45-point focusing module is used for cross focus and EOS support iTR AF face focusing technology, the metering module is 220K RGB+IR, the battery life is 1300 under the single battery, and the battery life is increased to 2590 under the battery handle. The power is greatly reduced.

EOS M6 Mark II uses the same 90D sensor and processor to support face, human eye recognition focusing technology, continuous shooting speed Faster, reaching 14FPS,And joined the high-speed RAW continuous shooting mode on the PowerS hot G7 X Mark III, the continuous shooting speed can be further increased to 30FPS, the screen can be flipped 180°, convenient for the user to take a selfie, the hot shoe has extra The electronic contact can be externally connected to the EVF viewfinder.

From the specification of the 90D Mark II, it is close to the 7D series positioning. The M6 Mark II is like the M6 enhanced version, with new sensors to improve performance and positioning. However, the most important information revealed by the two new machines is that the high-resolution EOS R is likely to use an 84.5MP sensor (32.5MP × 2.6).


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