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Huawei’s Produce New Kirin Mobile Chip Will and will Focus on 5G

According to the latest news from the industry chain on September 4, a new generation of Kirin processors to be released by Huawei on September 6 has begun mass production. In the middle of this month, TSMC will be responsible for the delivery. Mate 30 series will be launched on the market at that time, and the release time of the latter is September 19.

According to the industry chain, Huawei’s upcoming Kirin 990 will use the latest 7Nm + technology of TSMC. At this conference, they will also introduce self-developed Bluetooth chips (to solve the problem of Bluetooth delay) and Kirin 985 processors, which will also use the 7Nm manufacturing process of TSMC, so in the early capacity allocation, TSMC mainly cooperates with Huawei.

Sources said that due to Huawei’s early release of orders and the large number of orders, as well as the low rate of good products in the early 7Nm + process of TSMC, Apple’s orders may be affected by some factors, while the latter’s A3 processor will also use the latest 7Nm + process.

In addition to TSMC, some other suppliers also said that Huawei’s orders this year are much stronger than last year’s. Because they are highly overlapping with many of Apple’s suppliers, the pre-production capacity of the iPhone this year may be affected, but Apple will not be worried because they are in three new iPhones. The last order is very prudent. The first batch of demand is not very large.

Two Kirin Processors Will be Released at the Same Time

According to the latest news, Huawei may announce two Kirin processors at its launch on September 6. One is Kirin 985 (based on the 7Nm process of TSMC) and the other is Kirin 990 (based on the 7Nm + process of TSMC). The biggest difference between the two is that the former still has 5G baseband, while the latter is integrated 5G baseband.

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huawei logo

The way of releasing two Kirin processors at the same time is that Huawei hopes to seize more high-end and middle-end markets through its 5G technology advantages, and make use of the time lag to make Qualcomm passive. At present, many Android mobile phone manufacturers have launched 5G mobile phone solutions, but they are also the solutions of the previous generation of Qualcomm, and their competitiveness is not very strong.

As for Kirin 990, it is said that to enable the latest architecture of ARM, based on Cortex-A77 CPU core and Mari-G77 GPU, the performance will be improved by at least 20% compared with the previous generation, while NPU will be replaced by self-developed Da Vinci architecture like Kirin 810. Of course, the biggest bright spot may be the integration of 5G baseband, which is very important for the upgrade of 5G mobile phone.

5G Product Plan is Ahead of Qualcomm

Comparing with Huawei, Qualcomm only supports MX50 baseband scheme, and only supports NSA networking mode (Baron 5000 supports 5G SA independent and NSA independent networking). For many operators, 5G will adopt this networking mode in the early stage, but SA is still the final networking mode in the later stage. Although SA and NSA are both 5G networks, the problem of the latter is that they can not support new 5G features such as low latency (the advantage is that 4G and 5G share the core network and save network investment).

Although Qualcomm will ship the X55 baseband in order to keep pace with Huawei (the biggest upgrade is to add support for SA networking and change to 7Nm technology), the news from the industry chain shows that it will eventually be used on a large scale until the second quarter of 2020, so from this point of view, Hua5G. Baseband is at least half a year ahead of Qualcomm.

Industry chain sources said that after six months, even if Qualcomm catches up with its products, the competition with Huawei is still passive, because the price of 5G mobile phones related to the latter can be adjusted more independently, so the cost is more advantageous than Qualcomm.


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