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More Than 30 States in the US are Preparing to Investigate Google’s Anti-monopoly Law

The US Internet giant Google has been subject to antitrust investigations by the European Commission and the US government, and has suffered huge fines of several billion dollars. According to the latest news from foreign media, a person familiar with the matter said on Tuesday that the procurators of more than 30 states in the United States are preparing to investigate Google’s possible violation of US antitrust laws.

According to foreign media reports, the source said that the investigation team consisting of more than 30 Attorney General plans to announce the launch of an antitrust investigation against Google on September 9. The Attorney General serves as the team leader.​


Google said it is working with officials in US states.

Google Representative Jose Castan said: “We will continue to work constructively with regulators, including the Attorney General, to answer questions about our business and technology industry.

The source said that the focus of the US antitrust investigations on Google’s antitrust investigations is the intersection of personal privacy protection and antitrust. The source did not elaborate.

In June of this year, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and other 42 state officials put forward their opinions, urging the US Federal Trade Commission (Federal Trade Com) Mission) focuses on privacy and data collection when investigating possible violations of antitrust laws.

In the comments, California officials believe that large technology companies have so much user data that it is difficult for newcomers to compete.

Another Texas official, Assistant Attorney General Jeff Matt, said in a June hearing at the US Federal Trade Commission that Google and other large airline companies were flaunting their neutrality.Misleading.

The US technology giants are among the richest and most powerful corporate groups in the world, and they are facing increasing antitrust from the US Congress, federal government agencies, and now state attorneys. Review.

The US Department of Justice (Jus) said in July that it is conducting extensive investigations of large digital technology companies, focusing on whether they engage in anti-competitive behavior. The survey is believed to target Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

In addition, the Federal Trade Commission, which also enforces antitrust laws, is also investigating Amazon and Facebook to determine whether they have abused the huge market impact in retail and social media, respectively. force.

It is well known that in the past, in the European Commission, Google has been subjected to three antitrust investigations. Google’s Android operating system, online advertising alliance business, and web search service are unfair market competition. Damaged the competition,Google was hit by three huge fines and was asked to rectify product services such as Android. Google made product adjustments and appealed the European Commission’s ruling.

In other countries and regions around the world (such as Russia), Google has also been subject to antitrust investigations and has been punished by fines.

Google is the world’s largest web search service provider, occupying a monopolistic market share. In the field of smartphone operating systems, Google’s Android accounted for about 90% of the world’s market share. In the past few years, Google has begun to enter more and more segmentation services, and use the advantages of web search and Android system to bundle marketing or promotion, which has caused dissatisfaction from competitors. In addition, like social networking giant Facebook, Google has also launched one after another violation of consumer privacy scandals, which has become an important target of the government’s anti-monopoly investigation.

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