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Apple Fifth Avenue–Apple Store in Manhattan, New York City, USA

Apple Fifth Avenue reopens. Today we’re going to talk about the past and present of Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in New York.

Apple has opened more than 500 Apple Stores around the world. These retail stores in different countries and regions share a common goal: to serve local and even global consumers, and eventually become a bridge between consumers and Apple.

In order to achieve this, these Apple Stores rarely use the same decoration and display. The in-store design combines the local construction style to achieve “do as the Romans do”. We’ll show you some of these Apple Stores in different countries and experience different “Apple features”.

Today’s Apple Store is located in Manhattan, New York City, USA. It is not only the world’s first 7 x 24-hour Apple retail store, but also the most dazzling halo of “Jobs’Hand-made Design”. This is Apple Fifth Avenue.

Before Apple Fifth Avenue was built, the open space stretching from the entrance of the General Building to Fifth Avenue was large enough, but it had not been effectively utilized. Until 2003, real estate giant Harry Macklowe personally went to Apple headquarters in Cupertino, when Jobs came up with the idea of building an “Apple Flagship Store”. “It will be top-notch in all aspects and will be open for 7 x 24 hours. “Harry Macklowe recalls.

Apple Fifth Avenue’s famous “cube” design was put forward by Jobs at the meeting, when he even produced a beautiful wooden model, including glass cubes, as well as the building itself and the nearby open space square. (The cube design was later patented by Apple)

Since its opening in May 2006, Apple Fifth Avenue has undergone several renovations, the largest of which were the glass cube renovation in 2011 and the three-year renovation that began in 2016. The first one replaced 90 pieces of glass of the original Cube with 15 pieces of larger glass. More concise; the second transformation started in 2016 and lasted three years until September 20, when Apple announced the reopening of Apple Fifth Avenue.

If you look outside, the iconic “cube” of 15 pieces of glass hanging from Apple LOGO still stands on the public square, where visitors and consumers can enter the Apple Store underground through the cube or two adjacent accessory entrances.

A slight difference is that the public square has been redesigned. First of all, nine Skylenses sculptures arranged on both sides of the cube are introduced. The lines and mirrors of the surface are designed to give consideration to both decoration and practicability. Tourists can sit comfortably on the square and the built-in cycle under the sculpture. The cooling system also ensures that the sculptures do not frost in winter and are available throughout the year.

Apple Skylenses
Apple Skylenses

Around these sculptures, there are 62 circular lamps embedded on the ground. In the evening, these lights will light up the entire square, and in the morning, they will be able to introduce natural light into the underground Apple Store store, so that the room can be filled with natural light.

The new round stainless steel staircases for Apple Store from the cube to the ground first pass through. These staircases and each cantilever pedal are made of mirror stainless steel, in line with Apple’s long-sought simplicity.

The underground Apple Store is nearly twice as large as before, with more green plants and Exhibition stands. The Skylenses sculpture and 62 circular lamps mentioned above have become “skylights” under the ground. They are responsible for draining natural light into the room. They are combined with a cloud-like backlit ceiling made of curved fabric. The indoor lighting can fuse artificial light and natural light all day long to adapt to different periods of sunlight. Tone. Even in low light conditions, the light intensity around the skylight can be automatically adjusted to create a feeling of natural light filling the room.


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