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Lei Jun Said Millet Business Has Covered 10 ASEAN Countries

The 16th China-ASEAN Expo and China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit opened in Nanning, Guangxi on 21. Lei Jun, founding member of China and chairman of Xiaomi Group of China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Federation, said at the opening ceremony that he was optimistic about the development prospects of ASEAN market and chose Southeast Asia as the starting point for going to sea. During the exposition period, relevant Strategic Cooperation Agreement will be signed to strengthen export radiation to ASEAN countries.

Lei Jun said that ASEAN has a population of more than 600 million, with an average age of less than 35 years. It is a very large and dynamic consumer group. Since entering the Southeast Asian market five years ago, millet has been localized in Indonesia to produce mobile phones, covering all 10 ASEAN countries. Currently, millet ranks the top three in Indonesia’s smartphone market share, the top three in Vietnam and Singapore, the top five in Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia, and the first in Myanmar.

In the process of communicating with entrepreneurs from ASEAN countries, Lei Jun found that everyone has a common wish, that is, to expect business to grow bigger and longer. In this regard, he believes that in order to achieve this aspiration, there must be a strong trading system as a support. China and ASEAN countries should continue to develop inclusive, inclusive and win-win economic and trade cooperation to promote common prosperity in the region.

“Opportunities always coexist with challenges. Faced with the complex situation and severe challenges of increasing uncertainties in the global economy, entrepreneurs in China and ASEAN should seize the new opportunities of”One Belt, One Road”and intelligent manufacturing upgrading to become bigger and stronger enterprises.” Lei Jun said.

Lei Jun said that at present, more and more entrepreneurs from China and ASEAN foresee that there will be broad space for economic cooperation between China and ASEAN in the future, with great potential and investment layout. He hoped to build a platform for Chinese-ASEAN entrepreneurs to help each other love each other, hold a group to warm up, help entrepreneurs from all countries to exchange information, find business opportunities, and realize the dream of making enterprises bigger and stronger by taking advantage of the opportunity offered by the first China-ASEAN private entrepreneurs summit.

Lei Jun also believes that Guangxi is a treasure land for China-ASEAN cooperation. At present, with the approval of the State Council for the establishment of China (Guangxi) free trade pilot area, 5G, AI, IoT and other technologies are further popularized, and the deep integration of the Internet and manufacturing industry, more and more digital factories, unmanned factories and intelligent chemical factories will emerge in Guangxi. He looks forward to the rise of a new intelligent manufacturing center in Guangxi in the near future, which will inject new vitality into the economic and trade cooperation between China and ASEAN and bring more development opportunities.


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