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The Difference Between Good Bluetooth Headset and Bad Bluetooth headset

As a teenager in the digital world, I am often asked, “Where is a good Bluetooth headset really expensive? Why are there more than a thousand Bluetooth headphones and dozens of Bluetooth headphones? After wearing them, it sounds almost the same! “Their confused faces often make me very confused, so I have to ask them: Otto and Audi are also four wheels, they can all sit and run, why the price is poor?

Every manufacturer that can successfully shape its own brand characteristics will have a huge investment behind it that we ordinary consumers can not see.

For example, JEET, a popular networked Bluetooth headset in China recently, has been welcomed by many young people because of the concept of “not fashionable but not wearing *”, and the sales of products on major e-commerce websites are also increasing. Many people feel very incomprehensible about the rise of such a brand. In fact, it is very simple. The products are really good. Ah, both workmanship and sound quality are very thoughtful!

Later, I found out that the brand of JEET is more “exotic flower”. It insists on “pragmatism”, does not advertise, does not pursue short-term profits, abandons all popular designs and fancy gimmicks, and makes sound quality, comfort and subdivides its population.

Technically, JEET has spent a lot of effort in product mix design in order to make its products reach the international leading level in performance. All the accessories come from international first-line manufacturers, including Qualcomm CSR, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wireless products. Hardware of this level, tens of pieces of blue. Will the headphones be fitted for you? Don’t think about it, plus other customized products, 11mm super large size Nd magnet coil, high purity oxygen-free copper wire core, a little knowledgeable people know that these things are as expensive and performance, small manufacturers will not give up.

Let’s talk about the investment behind invisibility. As we all know, a good Bluetooth headset needs not only hardware accumulation, but also excellent tuners to spend a lot of time on a Bluetooth headset targeted tuning, combined with hardware design, the design of exclusive audio ripple, which is equivalent to the manufacturer to spend more time after making the mobile phone design department. In the same way, in addition to the high human cost, we also need enough technology accumulation to cooperate with the best acoustic laboratories in the world. These are the necessary experiences of a real good Bluetooth headset in the process of research and development, the guarantee of the strength of the manufacturer and the performance of Bluetooth headset. Not to mention that after the listing, we need to constantly revise the product feedback, make small-scale modifications and so on, which are totally impossible for those small manufacturers who produce tens of yuan products.

It’s no wonder that new JEET headphones are often out of stock, and in just a few months, they have killed the top three of Beijing-East parity headphones, which is inseparable from its research and development strength.

Of course, the above mentioned technical advantages of JEET are not exclusive in the industry, such as the acoustics giants JBL, Jepperland and so on, all have their own acoustics laboratories and professional research and development institutions, staffing and data accumulation is also the best, but these local brands are not generally expensive, which is also JEET. An important reason for being called the king of cost performance.

What can we say about the inferior Bluetooth headset? Low-quality plastic stacked fuselage, moving coil unit from small workshop, high impurity core, poor stability of Bluetooth chip, not to mention professional acoustics tuning, this kind of miscellaneous stacked 30 yuan Bluetooth headset, in fact, is just listening to a sound, signal instability, wire breakage, short service life, and noise noise. Sound, this is the reality of poor quality Bluetooth headsets. The consequence of buying them cheaply is that it won’t be long before you find that the Bluetooth headset is broken. When you want to apply for after-sales or rights protection, you will be surprised to find that the manufacturer has gone bankrupt (disappeared), and finally you have to buy another bluetooth headset.


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