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TL074 Application Circuit and TL074 Pinout

What is TL074 Op Amp

TL074 is an operational amplifier integrated circuit with four low noise JFET input operational amplifiers. Helping transistors have very high input impedance and low bias current is one of their main characteristics. It has low input bias and bias current of 65 pa, low level input voltage of 0.8 V (max), output short circuit protection, transmission delay time of 29 ns (max). This article mainly introduces TL074 pin and TL074 circuit diagram to meet your needs.

The TL074 pinout

TL074 has 14 pins, each pin has its own purpose, making the chip function in the circuit. TL074 pins can be found in the following figure:

TL074 pinout

TL074 pinout

also the pin configurations to TL074 are list as following:

Pin UsagePins No.Description
Op-Amp Output Pins1,7,8,14These are the output pins of the four Op-Amps
Input Inverting Pins2,6,9,13These are the input inverting pins of the four Op-Amps
Input Non-Inverting Pins3,5,10,12These are the input non-inverting pins of the four Op-Amps
Vcc(+)4Positive Supply Rail of the Op-Amp
Vcc(-)11Negative Supply Rail of the Op-Amp

TL074 circuit schematic

A circuit schematic can better help us to understand circuits and components used, and it’s a reference to make the actual circuit work.

Below is a fully labeled TL074 schematic diagram for reference.

TL074 circuit schematic
TL074 circuit schematic

TL074 Features

Referring to TL074 Features, the first scene we can think is that it works as operational amplifier.

Except that one, there still have some other features and applications we may need to know, which can help us to make use of it well, like Buffer application, DC gain blocks, Comparators, Filter circuits, voltage followers, circuit requiring high input impedance, etc.

The Electronic Project Using TL074

This is an audio processor circuit using IC TL074 as the main processing signal. The audio processor processes the audio from the output media player and transmits it to the power amplifier circuit.

Why use this audio processor circuit?

Audio processors perform very well in setting the audio room to live or 3D sound output. As a result, your audio will be softer and enhance tenor and mid-tone. The circuit schematic diagram of an audio processor using IC TL074.

Audio Processor circuit schematic using TL074
Audio Processor circuit schematic using TL074

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