SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET Overview

ROHM made the announcement of the availability of a new trench gate structure, SiC MOSFETs. This is a six-SCT3xxx xR series, which has a 4-pin package to maximize the performance of switching, reduce power consumption, reduce switching loss. Compared to the 3-pin package, this 4-pin package enhances efficiency greatly. The 3-pin package does not separate the driver and power sources as the 4-pin package does. This helps reducing parasitic inductance components, which eventually helps in maximizing the switching speed of SiC MOSFETs.

What is SiC MOSFETs ideal for?

Well, SiC MOSFETs are ideal for solar inverters, server power supplies, and charging stations for electrical vehicles.

The reason why SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET is ideal for these high-demanding electrical installations is that they require high efficiency, which is offered by the 4-pin package that maximizes the switching speeds.

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Features of the SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET

  • Reduces switching loss by about 35%

One of the most amazing features of SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET is that it reduces switching loss by about 35%. Thanks to the 4-pin package that reduces the effect of the inductance component, the driver source and the terminal source are separated to reduce switching loss. Users simply need to add the turn-off and turn-on loss to reduce switching loss by about 35% compared to conventional products.

  • Fast switching speed and reverse recovery

Another outstanding feature of SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET is the speed at which it operates. Whether you are switching on or reserving, the speeds are extremely fast.

  • High speed and low on-resistance

The SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET works excellently with silicon devices. The electrical characteristics of ROHM’s SiC MOSFET allow it to work well even at high temperatures. This means that there are high speeds recorded and low on-resistance because the peripheral components are downsized.

  • Flexible operating temperatures

SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET can operate with temperature ranging between -55 degrees Celsius to 175 degrees Celsius.  This wide range of temperatures allows it to operate high-demanding devices while maintaining high efficiency.

  • Evaluation board

The evaluation board of SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET is effective as it can evaluate other ROHM SiC MOSFETs. The features of the evaluation board are excellent and allow for adjustments depending on the electrical requirements. It also has in-built protection and an overcurrent protection function.

These are the main features of the SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET. Of course, it is a revolutionary tech improvement that enhances efficiency while reducing power consumption.