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ADI Introduces MeasureWare Measurement Suite

Beijing, China – Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) announces the introduction of MeasureWare, a suite of plug-and-play hardware measurement suites and software tools that help meet the growing precision measurement needs of multiple industries, including precision agriculture. Equipment health monitoring, electrochemistry and other areas where accurate measurements are required. Users need real-time data insight, but may lack the time or relevant expertise to penetrate the corresponding data sheets or perform complex firmware development. MeasureWare’s introduction brings ADI’s electronic engineering experience to these users.

ADI’s MeasureWare solution connects devices to the world around them, allowing users to more efficiently measure the data sets necessary for their projects, such as temperature, weight, humidity, pH, pressure, and more. MeasureWare also gives users the flexibility to adjust and change measurement parameters as the project progresses. These solutions are currently used in a variety of applications such as bee health monitoring, industrial monitoring, beverage production and drug cold chain.

“More and more customers want to take full advantage of ADI’s technology without the need to be proficient in component and hardware specifications. We created MeasureWare to provide accurate measurement solutions to this customer base.” ADI’s MeasureWare Supervisor “With MeasureWare and the relevant partner network, we are able to offer solutions from idea to production and support users throughout the measurement process,” said MeasureWare and the relevant partner network.

The easy-to-use MeasureWare Software Studio includes:

  • MeasureWare Designer: Provides hardware recommendations based on the customer’s specific application needs.
  • MeasureWare Lab: After receiving the hardware, the customer can quickly transfer and view the monitoring results using the measurement unit.
  • MeasureWare Developer: for more advanced users; support preferences for host microcontrollers and integrated development environments for application coding. An ARM®MbedTM sample project and API was originally provided, but other IDEs will be supported in the future.
  • The MeasureWare Network Ecosystem is a communications hub where customers can learn and share experiences while gaining support and ultimately applying their prototypes to production.

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