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DC-DC Converter IC ICL7660

What is ICL7660

ICL7660 is a charge siphon voltage converter IC used to rearrange the information voltage. This IC can be found in instrumentation and memory circuits. On the off chance that you searching for low flow double supply voltage structure, at that point this IC is the right decision. icl7660 datasheet is as following.

The MAX1044 and ICL7660 are monolithic, CMOS switched-capacitor voltage converters that invert, double, divide, or multiply a positive input voltage. They are pin compatible with the industry-standard ICL7660 and LTC1044. Operation is guaranteed from 1.5V to 10V with no external diode over the full temperature range. They deliver 10mA with a 0.5V output drop. The MAX1044 has a BOOST pin that raises the oscillator frequency above the audio band and reduces external capacitor size requirements. The MAX1044/ICL7660 combine low quiescent current and high efficiency. Oscillator control circuitry and four power MOSFET switches are included on-chip. Applications include generating a -5V supply from a +5V logic supply to power analog circuitry. For applications requiring more power, the MAX660 delivers up to 100mA with a voltage drop of less than 0.65V.

8 Plastic DIP P8+1 21-0043
8 SOIC S8+221-0041 90-0096
8 CERDIP J8+2 21-0045
8 µMAX U8+1 21- 0036 90-0092
8 TO-99 T99-8 21-0022

ICL7660 Pinout

 PIN NUMBER               PIN NAME                             DESCRIPTION
            1           No Connection            No internal connection
            2           Capacitor +            Connect to positive terminal of capacitor
            3           Ground            Connect to ground
            4           Capacitor –            Connect to negative terminal of capacitor
            5           Output            Output voltage pin
            6           Low Voltage            Connect to ground for low voltage operation (<3.5 V)
            7           Oscillator            Connect to external oscillator if required 
            8           Positive Supply            Input voltage for the IC

ICL7660 Features

  • CMOS voltage converter IC
  • Input voltage(Vin): 1.5V to 10V
  • Simple Voltage Multiplication (VOUT) = (-) nVIN
  • Output Current: 40mA (max)
  • Requires only 2 external capacitors

ICL7660 Applications

  • -5V Supply from +5V Logic Supply
  • Personal Communications Equipment
  • Portable Telephones
  • Op-Amp Power Supplies
  • EIA/TIA-232E and EIA/TIA-562 Power Supplies
  • Data-Acquisition Systems
  • Handheld Instruments
  • Panel Meters

ICL7660 Alternatives

LM27762, LM2776, TPS60401, MAX232

ICL7660 Equivalents

MAX1044, TC7660, LTC1044, LTC1046

How to use ICL7660

The ICL7660 is a solid CMOS charge siphon IC which performs voltage reversal from (+1.5 to +10V) to (- 1.5V to – 10V) with immaterial misfortunes. The IC comes as 8 stick PDIP and SOIC bundle from the producers. As referenced over, this IC can be utilized to alter the voltage. The essential circuit and some application circuits can be found on the datasheet and application note. The IC requires just two outer capacitors for voltage reversing application circuits. The capacitors esteems are predefined qualities given in the datasheet. The two capacitors are associated according to the extremity in the circuit. Particularly, the positive and negative pins of yield capacitor C2 must be associated with the ground and the stick 5 of the ICL7660. The essential voltage upsetting circuit is given underneath.

Fundamentally the IC works in 10kHz utilizing the inherent oscillator. The IC can be synchronized to an outside clock utilizing the OSC pin(pin7) of the IC. The IC has inner voltage controller (pin6) to forestall gadget hook up and inside harm. For low voltage activity, this stick must be associated with ground for ideal execution.

ICL7660 circuit
ICL7660 circuit

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