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Global Automotive ABS and EPB Sensor Cable Market Analysis

The global automotive ABS and EPB sensor cable market will increase by 7% in the next four years.

In 2019-2023, the global automotive ABS and EPB sensor cable market will grow by 1.47 billion US dollars, Japan Sumitomo Electric, Furukawa Electric, Hitachi, Germany Lenny, Tunis Coficab, South Korea LS cable, Italy Prussman, Tyco Electronics, Japan Yazaki and others will become the major international suppliers in this market.

As automotive safety has become the most critical parameter in automotive design and development, automotive OEMs are increasingly incorporating advanced safety systems into their vehicles.

Passive safety systems, such as seat belts with pretensioners, front airbags and anti-lock braking systems, are now standard equipment for most passenger cars in the world, and most ABS are equipped with electronic brakes. Distribution (EBD) system.

The adoption of such systems is increasing the demand for sensors, sensor cables (ABS and EPB) and control units for automotive and automotive component manufacturers. This will drive the global automotive ABS and EPB sensor cable market growth in 2019-2023. Because ABS and EPB are standard on current vehicles, their cables need to be constantly upgraded, so suppliers are constantly improving their products to increase sales in terms of efficiency, downtime and flexibility. To this end, they are using advanced manufacturing techniques to manufacture automotive sensor cables and components. This is expected to contribute to the growth of the automotive ABS and electric parking brake (EPB) sensor cable market during the period 2019-2023. During the forecast period, the market's compound annual growth rate will be close to 7%. 

Through a comprehensive study of the company's growth opportunities, it can be determined that the Asia Pacific region will account for the largest share of the automotive ABS and EPB sensor cable market throughout the forecast period. In China, Japan, Korea, Australia and Thailand, the existence of strict safety regulations is a major factor driving the growth of automotive ABS and EPB sensor cable industries in the region. 

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