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Toshiba Introduces High Voltage Dual Channel Solenoid Driver IC – TB67S112PG

September 26, 2019 – Toshiba Electronic Components and Storage Devices Co., Ltd. (“Toshiba”) announced today that it has introduced a dual-channel solenoid driver IC “TB67S112PG” that enables high-voltage, low-on-resistance driving. The product started mass production today.

The TB67S112PG consists of two channels, each consisting of a low-side MOSFET and a common COM freewheeling diode, which can independently drive a solenoid or relay, such as amusement equipment (coin vending machines), household appliances (air conditioning, Devices widely used in refrigerators and industrial equipment (ATM bank terminals, office automation equipment, and factory automation equipment) applications.

Toshiba has introduced the four-channel solenoid driver IC “TB67S111PG” and the eight-channel “TB67S158NG/FTG” on the market. Depending on the number of solenoids to be controlled, the new “TB67S112PG” will provide users with a wider range of product procurement possibilities.

Main Features of TB67S112PG

  • Dual channels, each with a low-side MOSFET and a common COM freewheeling diode – independently control each output, suitable for solenoid and relay drive.
  • High voltage (50V) and low on-resistance (0.3Ω) drive, high voltage (50V) in the output unit – MOSFET supports solenoid and relay drive. Low on-resistance (0.3Ω) reduces heat generation during motor operation.
  • Built-in fault detection with automatic reset function – overheat protection and overcurrent protection circuit. When the overheat protection is activated, an error detection flag (ERR) is output to help ensure a safe and highly reliable design.

Applications of TB67S112PG

Amusement equipment (coin vending machines), household appliances (air conditioners, refrigerators) and industrial equipment (ATM bank terminals, office automation equipment and factory automation equipment).

Main Specifications of TB67S112PG

Part numberTB67S112PG
FunctionDual-channel solenoid driver
InputControl I/FParallel input (TTL level)
VM power supply voltage4.5V to 47V
OutputOutput rating (voltage)50V (max)
Output rating (current)1.5A per channel (max)
Output ON resistance0.3Ω(typ.)
Common diodeBuilt in
Safety functionThermal shut down and over current detection with automatic reset functionsUnder voltage lockoutThermal shutdown flag output

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