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Arm Introduces Custom Instructions for Embedded CPUs

Arm CEO Simon Segars today announced Arm Custom Instructions at the Arm® TechCon 2019 conference, a new addition to the Armv8-M architecture. Beginning in the first half of 2020, Arm Custom InstrucTIons will initially be implemented on the Arm Cortex®-M33 CPU, and will not charge additional fees to new or existing licensees, while allowing SoC designers to be free from software fragmentation risks. Add your own instructions for specific embedded and IoT applications.

DipTI Vachani, senior vice president and general manager of the vehicle and IoT business unit, said: “A world with one trillion security intelligence devices will be built on the diversity of complex application scenarios and between hardware and software design needs to be enhanced. Collaborative synergies.” She pointed out: “We have developed Arm Custom InstrucTIons to drive hardware and software closer collaborative design efforts to accelerate specific applications while enabling greater device differentiation.”

CPU: A framework for innovation by Arm Semiconductor partners

As part of the evolutionary Armv8-M architecture with Arm TrustZone security technology, Arm Custom InstrucTIons is based on a simple guiding principle: CPU is the framework for innovation by Arm Semiconductor partners. This philosophy allows chip designers to further advance performance and efficiency by incorporating their unique application-specific features into the Cortex-M33 CPU.

Arm Custom Instructions enables designers to easily extend the custom data path by modifying the CPU and reserving the code space while maintaining the integrity of the existing software ecosystem. This feature, combined with an existing coprocessor interface, allows the Cortex-M33 CPU to scale with various types of accelerators optimized for edge computing applications such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

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More powerful ecosystem flexibility and differentiation

Arm Custom Instructions, combined with the recently launched Arm Flexible Access, underscores Arm’s commitment to enhance the flexibility and differentiation of its semiconductor partners, supporting them to embrace new edge computing opportunities such as ML, AI, autonomous, 5G and IoT. To further reinforce this commitment, Custom Instructions will become standard on future Arm Cortex-M CPUs. The Arm Cortex-M CPU is one of Arm’s most successful CPUs, and Arm’s semiconductor partners have shipped more than 50 billion Cortex-M-based chips to date.

Partner introduction

Stefan Skarin, president and CEO of IAR Systems, said: “SoC vendors often need optimized tools to extend their design capabilities without compromising security or protection, or jeopardizing their presence in IAR Embedded Workbench. Investment in development tools. Arm Custom Instructions provides them with a simple yet powerful mechanism to address their unique needs while maintaining the integrity and efficiency of existing processes.”

Geoff Lees, senior vice president and general manager of NXP’s semiconductor microcontroller division, said: “Arm’s new Custom Instructions feature enables chip suppliers such as NXP Semiconductors to offer their customers a new level of application-specific instruction set optimization for New and emerging embedded applications increase performance, power dissipation and static code size. All of these improvements can be achieved in the broad Cortex-M ecosystem, allowing customers to maximize their existing software investments. ”

Alessandro Piovaccari, CTO of Silicon Labs, said: “In a world of one megabit of secure networking equipment, there are many challenges to semiconductor designers due to the increasing demand for power efficiency. At Cortex- Arm Custom Instructions, introduced in the M portfolio, will allow Silicon Labs to design systems that are specifically optimized for specific tasks for a wide range of connected devices.”

Ricardo De Sa Earp, General Manager of STMicroelectronics, said: ” STMicroelectronics’ Arm-based STM32 microcontrollers are now at the heart of millions of smart objects in the industrial, consumer and medical markets. The need for higher efficiency and security, our design approach needs to evolve, so that the hardware can be designed with the software from the beginning. After the Armrm8-M core has Arm Custom Instructions, Arm will let the hardware/software A common design is realized. When our customers use the STM32 hardware, software and tool ecosystem to design next-generation IoT devices, STMicroelectronics will also bring more differentiation and value, including optimized security and core-level signals. Processing and other functions.”


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