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TE Connectivity Focuses on Green Energy Development

TE Connectivity (TE), a global leader in connectivity and sensing, is focused on providing energy solutions through its comprehensive product lineup. With proven track record of reliability, TE is a trusted energy industry solutions partner.

With the classic Raychem, SIMEL and Bowthorpe EMP product lines, TE is a well-known leader in energy solutions. In the 60 years of industry development, TE has developed new technologies, promoted the development of materials science, and provided innovative products that support power generation, transmission and distribution. The focus on energy drives TE’s commitment to R&D and rigorous testing to ensure product reliability and efficiency. In particular, TE is committed to building lasting partnerships with its customers and ensuring that projects meet technical and human needs, thereby driving services for the next 60 years and beyond. The development of green energy, the transition from overhead lines to underground lines, urbanization and increasing grid reliability requirements are new trends in the energy market. TE ConnecTIvity is well aware of the resulting changes and is ready to help the market meet the challenges. Focusing on real-world connectivity, TE enjoys a proven reputation among its customers for proven reliability records, in-depth technical expertise and the use of advanced materials. TE provides partners with an industry-leading portfolio and end-to-end support. In this way, TE contributes to the transmission of electricity in industries and applications around the world.


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