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Samsung Electronics Develops 12-layer 3D TSV Chip Packaging Technology

Samsung Electronics, the world leader in advanced semiconductor technology, today announced that it has developed the industry’s first 12-layer 3D-TSV (through-silicon via) technology.This new technology allows stacking of 12 DRAM chips using more than 60,000 TSV holes while maintaining the same thickness as current 8-layer chips.

Samsung’s innovation is considered to be one of the most challenging packaging technologies for mass production of high-performance chips because it requires precise precision to vertically interconnect 12 DRAM chips through a three-dimensional configuration with more than 60,000 TSV holes.

The package thickness (720um) is the same as the current 8-layer high bandwidth memory (HBM2) product, which is a major advancement in component design. This will help customers deliver next-generation, high-capacity products with higher performance capacity without having to change their system configuration design.

In addition, 3D packaging technology has a shorter inter-chip data transfer time than current wire bonding technologies, resulting in significantly faster speeds and lower power consumption.

Hong-Joo Baek, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics TSP (Test and System Packaging), said: “With all new generations of applications such as artificial intelligence (AI) and high power computing (HPC), ensure that all of the ultra high performance memory Complex packaging techniques are becoming more and more important.”

As Moore’s Law expands to the limit, the role of 3D-TSV technology is expected to become even more critical. We hope to be at the forefront of this latest chip packaging technology. ”

With its 12-layer 3D-TSV technology, Samsung will provide the highest DRAM performance for data-intensive and ultra-high-speed applications.

Moreover, by increasing the number of stacked layers from eight to twelve, Samsung will soon be able to mass produce 24GB of high-bandwidth memory, which is three times the capacity of 8GB of high-bandwidth memory on the market today.

Samsung will meet the fast-growing high-capacity HBM solution market demand with its cutting-edge 12-layer 3D TSV technology and hopes to consolidate its leading position in the high-end semiconductor market.

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