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TI’s New Family of Adaptive Buck-boost Converters Deliver Up to 2.5A

October 8, 2019 – Texas Instruments today introduced a new family of buck-boost converters, including four high efficiency, low quiescent current (IQ) buck-boost converters. A smaller package design with fewer external components creates a smaller solution size.

The integrated TPS63802, TPS63805, TPS63806, and TPS63810 DC/DC non-inverting buck-boost converters feature a wide input and output voltage range and support a wide range of battery-driven applications, helping engineers simplify design and speed design.

Each converter in the family automatically selects buck mode, buck-boost mode or boost mode depending on operating conditions. Their complete solution sizes range from 19.5 mm2 to 25 mm2, a 25% reduction over competing devices. Thanks to its compact package design, it requires a small number of advanced control topologies for external multilayer ceramic capacitors, as well as miniature 0.47μH inductors. With a wide input voltage range of 1.3V to 5.5V and a wide output voltage range of 1.8V to 5.2V, these converters help engineers speed up the design process and support re-use in multiple programs.

This family of DC/DC converters is a new addition to TI’s industry-leading portfolio of low quiescent current (IQ) power management products with low quiescent current (IQ) from 11μA to 15μA for excellent light load efficiency. At the same time, the series also minimizes power consumption and extends runtime in battery-powered applications such as portable electronic point-of-sale terminals, grid infrastructure metering devices, wireless sensors and handheld electronic devices.

Main features and advantages

  • The TPS63802 is a 2A buck-boost converter with 11μA low quiescent current (IQ) for pulsed load applications such as industrial IoT devices.
  • The TPS63805 is a 2A buck-boost converter with a 22μF output capacitor and a 0.47μH inductor. It is small enough to occupy 19.5mm2 for handheld industrial applications and personal electronics applications.
  • The TPS63806 is a load step optimized 2.5A buck-boost converter for applications where load curve changes are large and requires tight regulation, such as time-of-flight sensors in smartphones, cameras or augmented reality devices.
  • Dynamic voltage regulation for pre-regulators or voltage envelope trackers for devices such as smartphones, wireless hearing aids or headsets.

Package and availability

The TPS63805 and TPS63806 are available now and can be ordered from TI stores and authorized resellers. Pre-formed samples of the TPS63802 and TPS63810 are also available for ordering.


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