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Vishay Introduces New High-Precision, High-Resolution Position Sensor – RAMK060

Vishay Introduces New High-Precision, High-Resolution Position Sensor – RAMK060.
The device measures 60 mm, has an accuracy of more than 13 bits, a resolution of 19 bits, and a repeatability of more than 16 bits.

MALVERN, PA — October 8, 2019 — Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) today announced the availability of a new high-precision position sensor that is more reliable than existing absolute encoders with excellent resolution and accuracy The traditional Hall effect sensor – RAMK060, is suitable for industrial robots and other harsh applications. The new RAMK060 absolute rotary magnetic kit encoder uses advanced contactless technology with an accuracy of more than 13 bits, resolution of 19 bits, repeatability greater than 16 bits, resistance to external magnetic fields, humidity, air pollution, vibration, mechanical shock and temperature changes. . With an electrical angle of 360°, the device can operate from −40 °C to +85 °C and offers a wider temperature range based on customer requirements.

The RAMK060 features a rotor + stator kit design and an off-axis design for hollow shaft assembly. The 6.5 mm ultra-thin size and lightweight weight (55 g) make it ideal for small spaces but requires high precision inspection angles. Location application. The RAMK060 has an outer diameter of 60 mm and an inner diameter of 25 mm. A variety of multi-turn models are available, and multi-turn models have connectors for connecting the backup power supply when the system is powered off. The output signal format includes SPI, SSI or Biss-C.

Vishay’s patented design is ideal for applications that require precise and repetitive motion, such as the arm joints of industrial robots and collaborative robots, self-guided steering wheels, and printing, textile manufacturing and milling machines.

The main advantages of RAMK060:

  • Self-calibration to compensate for mechanical eccentricity
  • Built-in self monitoring
  • The last absolute position of memory before power failure
  • This technical architecture provides the best performance with security guarantees.

Samples of RAMK060 are available now and are in volume production. The lead time for major orders is 16 weeks.

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