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Infineon Radar Technology Powers Google Pixel 4 Smartphone for Gesture Control

Accurate motion detection of the 60 GHz radar chip from infineon turns the Google Pixel 4 smartphone into a gesture control system.

Munich, Germany, October 16, 2019 – With the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the Internet of Things, by 2020, 5 billion people worldwide will use smart devices to perceive the surrounding environment. Infineon Technologies AG has developed a 60 GHz radar chip that enables a new way of human-computer interaction. With an integrated antenna system, it accurately senses the presence and movement of people and objects, as well as distance and speed. The chip is the cornerstone of Google Soli technology, which is the first time it has been integrated into a smartphone to achieve gesture control.

Andreas Urschitz, President of Infineon’s Power Management and Diversified Markets Division, said: “With our radar technology, devices are beginning to be ‘perceived’. This means that our equipment is finally able to understand the surrounding environment and make it more purposeful. Sexual response. The accurate motion detection of the 60 GHz radar chip turns the Google Pixel 4 smartphone into a gesture control system. This is a major innovation in human-computer interaction. At Infineon, we are also committed to Sensors to simplify the interactive process and increase the usability of the device.”

Infineon radar technology was originally used in the automotive sector. For decades, radar sensors have been able to effectively measure distance, speed and motion during driving. Later, Infineon further developed functions for small devices. The 60 GHz chip is a complete radar system with a small footprint (5 x 6.5 mm) and low power consumption. It senses the motion of objects in the room and measures the distance of objects in the millimeter range with great precision. With the appropriate software, these sports data can be converted into functions that users can manipulate with gestures without touching the device.

Installations and buildings will be able to perceive the surrounding environment like people

The sensors and chips developed by Infineon have the same human sense, can recognize the environment, process the acquired data, and the purpose is to achieve easy interaction, and make life more convenient, safe and environmentally friendly through various intelligent operation functions. . Combining multiple sensors in a single device creates a completely new solution to measure and improve air quality, or to intelligentize theft protection. In addition to voice control assistants, “smart” appliances or wearables, buildings (especially smart buildings) are becoming interactive. Sensors can improve safety and energy efficiency by detecting the number of people in the room or by adjusting the light source requirements.

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