Non Polarized Capacitor Types

A capacitor is an electronic component with two terminals that store electricity temporarily. There are two types of capacitors: non-polarized and polarized. Non-polarized capacitors have no negative polarity or positive polarity, while polarized capacitors have a positive pole and negative pole.

There is only one type of polarized capacitor, which is the electrolytic capacitor. The non-polarized capacitors are more popular because they are inexpensive and have better longevity. It also doesn’t matter which direction they’re installed either.

However, the type of non-polarized capacitor does matter. There are at least eight different types of non-polarized capacitors. Let’s briefly examine them below.

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Ceramic Capacitors

Ceramic capacitors are used the most because they’re the cheapest and the most tested capacitors. They have been around since the 1930s but have seen improvements over the many decades. Ceramic capacitors are used a lot in radio frequency circuits.

Silver Mica Capacitors

You won’t see silver mica capacitors used too often because they cost more than most other capacitors. But they are highly durable capacitors because of their stability and temperature resistance. Circuits that depend on stability, such as filter circuits and oscillator circuits, will use silver mica capacitors.

Polyester Capacitors

These are cheaper capacitors with good accuracy and less prone to leakage. Unfortunately, their stability is not as good as other capacitor types.

Polystyrene Capacitors

You can get a lot of accuracy out of polystyrene capacitors. They’re difficult to find on the market, though. Most circuit designs don’t use them anymore. Besides, they were pretty expensive, to begin with.

Polycarbonate Capacitors

Polycarbonate capacitors are also kind of pricey, but they’re made from high-quality material and last a long time. They can withstand high temperatures without leaking.

Polypropylene Capacitors

Polypropylene capacitors are high performing capacitors with great stability but a tad expensive.

Teflon Capacitors

No other capacitor is more stable than a Teflon capacitor. It is one of the most accurate capacitors with virtually no leakage whatsoever.

Glass Capacitors

Glass capacitors may be the most expensive of all capacitors, but they’re extremely tough and stable.