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What Should I do If the Phone is Hot When Charging?

This page we will talk something we should do about the phone is hot when charging.

The reason why the phone is hot when charging

  • The processor is a big heat–the processor is a highly integrated SOC chip, which not only integrates the CPU central processing chip and GPU graphics processing chip, but also a series of key chip modules such as Bluetooth, GPS, RF, etc. These chips and modules emit a lot of heat when they operate at high speed.
  • The phone is hot when charging – during the charging process, the power circuit is working, the resistance and current are playing, and the heat is definitely inevitable, and it is mainly concentrated on the battery and PCB.
  • Charging causes the battery to be hot–Reminder: When charging, it is best not to use the mobile phone to make calls, play games, watch videos, this will lead to voltage instability and generate more heat, and will also lose battery life in the long run. In some cases this behavior also increases the chance of a battery explosion.
  • Then, the phone is not hot, it must be in a normal state? In fact, this is not the case. The heat of the mobile phone is only below normal temperature, usually 60 degrees. It is normal. If you are not hot, you should worry. Little friends should remember that not hot does not mean that the phone does not have heat, it is likely that there is a lack of heat-dissipating graphite patch or its own thermal conductivity is not good, heat accumulation in the interior can not be caused by heat, in fact, it will cause certain damage to the phone .

What should I do if the phone is hot when charging?

  1. Avoid playing games, watching movies or talking while charging.
  2. When talking for a long time, avoid the phone close to the cheek and try to use the earpiece or earphone.
  3. Close the background program that is not being used.
  4. Turn off automatic download and automatic update
  5. Avoid using a protective case with poor heat dissipation or remove it when it is hot.
  6. Hold it on your hand or put it in your pocket and transfer heat. Place it in a place where ventilation and heat dissipation. If there is air conditioning, let the phone blow cold air.
  7. Avoid using high-energy APP programs for a long time.
  8. During the charging process, try to stop using it to prevent danger.
  9. If the phone is already hot, clear the memory and it will effectively cool down.
  10. If it doesn’t work, turn it off temporarily and let the phone temperature return to normal before continuing to use it.

How to properly charge the phone

  1. the first plug to use the original. Because the plugs are different, the power is different. Use a high-powered plug to charge low-power, although it is fast, it will hurt the battery. This is like the outside car repair shop uses the high power to quickly charge the battery car, and occasionally, the number of times is completely let the battery die in advance. It is too time-consuming to charge a high-powered mobile phone with a small power connector, so that the mobile phone can not be rested for a long time, and the service life will be shortened.
  2. the data line is the same, it is best to use the original data line, otherwise there are security risks. This is what many friends don’t care about. Just look for the root data line and start charging. This is the wrong approach.
  3. charging type, please pay attention to the temperature. Many friends may have overlooked a place when charging, and like to put the battery of the mobile phone face down, because it is convenient to pick it up at any time. However, according to my friend’s suggestion, in addition to the battery temperature and the need to charge in a high temperature environment, the mobile phone itself must be protected. It is best to put the battery face up so that it does not touch the plane to facilitate heat dissipation.
  4. many people think that the more the number of charging, the shorter the battery life, in fact, this is the wrong concept. Battery life is not necessarily related to the number of times of charging, but it is best to use it as much as possible.
  5. new mobile phones, new batteries must be full of 12 or 24 hours, this is also a misconception, it is only for the old battery. Most of them are now new lithium batteries, and it is no longer necessary to feed them all at once.
  6. while filling the edge with the damage to the phone, this is true! The best is to turn off the charging, followed by the black screen standby charging, so that the battery is better. The use of mobile phone radiation during charging will strengthen, and it will also hurt the body, especially the eyes.
  7. When the mobile phone is fully charged, it is necessary to unplug the connector in time, so that the mobile phone is always fully charged, which will accelerate the battery loss. This is like a person who is full and you are still forcibly feeding him food. He can not only digest but also damage the body. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone try to put an end to the habit of charging the phone to sleep the next day before going to bed.
  8. many of my friends’ mobile phones have mobile phone cases, which is what we call a protective cover. As already mentioned above, the battery is afraid of heat, so the charging should be carried out in a cool, ventilated and ventilated place. Taking off the mobile phone “clothing” when charging, nothing more than a way.

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