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Apple’s stock price hit another record high, and the market value once again exceeded 1 trillion US dollars

On October 12th news, when the market closed on Friday, Apple’s stock price hit a record high. In the past year, the uncertainty of iPhone demand has put pressure on Apple stocks, affecting investor sentiment, and now the cloud seems to be dissipating.

US local time on Friday, Apple shares rose 2.7% to close at $236.21, surpassing the highest point set a year ago.Refresh the record again. As the stock price rose, Apple once again squeezed Microsoft to become the world’s highest market value company. Apple’s Microsoft market capitalization has exceeded $1 trillion.

Apple’s share price has climbed 60% compared to the January low, and the market value has once again exceeded $1 trillion. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Apple’s share price was weak due to concerns about weak iPhone demand, and this concern seems to have eased in 2019.

Recently, Apple Cook told the German media Bild that he was quite satisfied with the recently released iPhone 11, and that Apple had told suppliers in early October. Expand production capacity. On the demand side, analysts are increasingly optimistic, and Apple may launch a 5G phone next year, which analysts believe will be very popular.

Compared with the stock price hit a high point a year ago, the current Apple has also changed a lot. Apple is transforming into a service company,It launched streaming video services, broke into the video game market and issued credit cards. In addition, the pricing of new equipment is cheaper than in the past.

Although Apple is paying more attention to the service industry, the iPhone is still the mainstay of Apple. In the third quarter, iPhone revenue accounted for about half of Apple’s total revenue, and service revenue accounted for only 21.3%. On October 30, Apple will announce its fourth-quarter earnings. Analysts expect Apple’s fourth quarter earnings per share will reach 2.84 US dollars, revenue of 62.9 billion US dollars, which means that revenue will be reduced by 2.6%, revenue growth remained stable.

Bloomberg MODL expects Apple to ship 41.9 million mobile phones in the fourth quarter, with an average price of $770.35. If the figures are accurate, that is to say, Apple’s shipments in the fourth quarter will be reduced by 14.5% year-on-year, and the average selling price will drop by 3.1%.

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