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Circuit Board General Troubleshooting Method

Circuit board generally fails, you can analyze and eliminate the problem from the following aspects:

  • (1) circuitcomponentsvirtual soldering: After your board is reset and powered up, it will not work after a while, it may be some The components are soldered, the contact is poor, and the circuit is not normal. The solution is to heat the circuit board with a hot air gun to reduce the probability of solder joints.
  • (2) Power circuit: Multimeter or oscilloscope to detect the power of the board, such as 5V, 3.3V, etc., check whether it is normal,Can be stable at constant voltage
  • (3) Reset circuit: Measure with the oscilloscope The reset circuit voltage of the microcontroller, whether it is at a high level or at At low level, is the reset logic voltage normal?
  • (4) Software program: Use the compiler software to recompile the program of the MCU, whether it prompts an error; also ask your more experienced colleagues for their soft armor< u>Watchdog is set properly to check if the software runs away from the normal program during operation.
  • (5) Crystal Circuit: Use The oscilloscope detects the output frequency and voltage of the external crystal oscillator circuit of the MCU.
  • (6) If there is no problem in the above, it may be that the function of a certain circuit module is faulty, then it is necessary to check one by one. Such as motor drive circuit, communication circuit, buttonswitch circuit, display circuit, etc.

Finally, it is necessary to first determine whether the minimum system of the microcontroller is normal, and then determine whether the program is normal, and finally Determine if other functional module circuits are positive Basic will be able to troubleshoot most problems


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