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The New Arm IP Brings a Smart Immersive Experience to the Mainstream Market

The immersive experience of high-end devices, such as AR, high-fidelity games and new AI-based mobile and home applications, is now becoming a mainstream market. Enables developers to use high-performance AI and media IP solutions optimized for everyday devices, enabling new AI-driven application cases, offering features including voice recognition and always-on, saying that these features are unique to mobile devices Enjoy the era.

News focus:

  • Arm Ethos-N57 and Ethos-N37 NPUs: Extend the product range of machine learning (ML) processors to provide artificial intelligence (AI) applications on mainstream devices.
  • Arm Mali-G57 GPU: The first mainstream GPU based on the Valhall architecture, 1.3 times the performance of previous generations
  • Arm Mali-D37 DPU: Provides a rich display set in the smallest area to present Full HD and 2K resolution.

From gaming devices to digital television (DTV), artificial intelligence is ubiquitous, but to enable these responsive experiences, endpoints must have more computing power. For example, the intelligent experience of digital television includes intelligent assistant voice commands, real-time translation of programs, and face recognition to enhance parental supervision.

To achieve these features, Arm announced that it will introduce two new mainstream ML processors, as well as the latest MaliGPU and DPU. The integration of these IPs means that Arm has the ability to adapt products to demand, bringing high-end experience to consumers’ efficient everyday devices. This new IP suite includes:

  • Ethos-N57 and Ethos-N37 NPUs: Make AI applications possible and strike a balance between ML performance and cost, area, bandwidth and battery life.
  • Mali-G57 GPU: The first mainstream GPU based on Valhall architecture, immersive experience through performance enhancement
  • Mali-D37 DPU: Achieve rich display functions with a minimum chip area, making it the most suitable display processor (DPU) for entry devices and small display screens.

Ethos-N57 and Ethos-N37 NPUs: providing true heterogeneity

Following the release of the Arm ML processor (now known as Ethos-N77), the Ethos NPU family added two new members, the Ethos-N57 and the Ethos-N37. The Arm Ethos portfolio is designed to address the challenges of AI and ML complex computing to create a more personalized and immersive experience for everyday devices. As consumer devices become more intelligent, it is necessary to provide additional AI performance and efficiency through a dedicated ML processor. The new Ethos is optimized for designs that are most sensitive to cost and battery life, and the NPU delivers a superior AI experience for everyday devices.

The design concepts of the Ethos-N57 and Ethos-N37 include some basic principles, such as:

  • Optimized for support for Int8 and Int16 data types
  • Advanced data management technology to reduce data movement and related power consumption
  • Increase performance by more than 200% over other NPUs through the implementation of innovative Winograd technology

In addition, the Ethos-N57 features include:

  • Designed to provide balanced ML performance and power efficiency
  • Optimized for performance ranges of 2 megabits per second

Features of the Ethos-N37 also include:

  • Designed to provide the smallest ML inference processor (less than 1 mm2)
  • Optimized for performance ranges of 1 megabits per second

Mali-G57: A GPU that brings a smart and immersive experience to the general public

The Mali-G57 brings high-quality smart and immersive experiences to the mainstream market, including high-fidelity games, mobile device graphics effects, DTV’s 4K/8K user interface, and more complex virtual reality and augmented reality. The load. This is the largest segment of the mobile market segment, and Arm’s recent release with Unity emphasizes its Arm IP-based system-on-a-chip (SoC), CPU, and GPU performance optimization efforts that allow developers more time to create New immersive content. Key features of the Mali-G57 include:

  • Compared to the Mali-G52, all content can achieve 1.3 times performance density
  • Energy efficiency ratio increased by 30%, making battery life longer
  • Provides gaze point rendering support for virtual reality (VR), and device ML performance increased by 60% for more complex XR real-world applications

Mali-D37: Arm’s most efficient processor per unit area

The Mali-D37 is a DPU with rich display and performance in the smallest possible area. For end users, this means that when area is a top priority, there will be better visuals on less expensive devices such as entry-level smartphones, tablets and small displays with a resolution of less than 2k. performance. Key features of the Mali-D37 include:

  • The unit area is extremely efficient. The DPU supports a full HD (Full HD) and 2K resolution configuration, and the area of ​​the 16nm process will be less than 1 mm2.
  • System power savings of up to 30% by reducing GPU core display work and memory management features including the MMU-600.
  • Preserving key display functions from the high-end Mali-D71, including the combination of High Dynamic Contrast (HDR) and Standard Dynamic Contrast (SDR), in combination with Assertive Display 5.

This new set of IPs is designed with solutions in mind and fits into the original intention of Arm Total Compute to ensure that they are truly experience-driven and optimized for complex computing challenges that solve future workloads. This new IP provides higher unit area efficiency and is more energy efficient, while improving performance, reducing costs and reducing time-to-market, bringing higher fidelity gaming and gaming console experience to mobile devices. Bringing computational complexity and bringing higher ML performance to personalized immersive content, and faster response times consumers expect.


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