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Littelfuse Expands High Temperature TRIAC Thyristor Series to Help Designers Improve Thermal Management

Hongkong, October 21, 2019 – Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ: LFUS), the world’s leading manufacturer of circuit protection, power control and sensing technology, today announced the launch of five more series of high temperatures Alternistor TRIAC switching thyristor. These thyristors can be used as semiconductor switches in line-powered appliances and equipment with AC voltages up to 250VRMS.

Ideal for IoT smart home applications such as appliances, lighting and controls

Available in five compact surface mount and through-hole packages that allow devices with a maximum junction temperature of 150°C to have current ratings of 12A, 16A, 25A, 30A, and 40A from 600V to 800V, extending Littelfuse TRIAC product line. High-temperature performance, space-saving packaging, and a wide range of current ratings make it an excellent choice for Internet of Things (IoT) smart home applications that require a compact design that does not involve continuous high currents. Potential applications include:

  • Kitchen and household appliances
  • Instant water heater
  • electrical tools
  • Light dimmer

Advantages of high temperature Alternistor TRIAC

  • Simplify thermal management, especially in applications where heat dissipation is limited or there is no heat sink.
  • Clip-on package with mechanical stability and thermal stability for high reliability in the field.
  • Allows designers to use smaller boards in low power applications.
  • Ensure high surge protection required for short-term overload.

“Combined with a reliable clip-on connector design and maximum operating junction temperature, it ensures high surge protection for short-term overloads.”

“This important extension to the TRIAC portfolio allows product designers to include 250V AC applications rated up to 40A,” said Koichiro Yoshimoto, Business Development Manager, Littelfuse Semiconductor Business Unit. “By providing more current rating options in a variety of surface mount packages with clip-on connectors, design engineers now have the flexibility to minimize board size for low-power applications while ensuring superior field reliability. Extend product life.”

Availability of TRIAC

The high temperature TRIAC offers the following common packages: TO-220AB, TO-220 insulation, TO-263 (D2-PAK), TO-218 insulation (TOP3 Ins) and TO-218X insulation, with Littelfuse’s exclusive cycle leads. Samples are available from authorized Littelfuse dealers around the world.


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