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AMSAG Semiconductor Introduces TCS3408 New High Sensitivity Optical Sensor

Amersham Semiconductor’s ( AMSAG) new high-sensitivity optical sensor eliminates the problem of camera strips and image artifacts. The new TCS3408 enables the smartphone camera image system to accurately measure and eliminate ambient light flicker in all lighting conditions.

Hongkong, October 28, 2019, Ams AG (Swiss Stock Exchange: AMS), the world’s leading provider of high-performance sensor solutions, today introduced a new sensor solution, the TCS3408, to help with scrolling The rear camera of the shutter image sensor eliminates the effects of, for example, strips and other image artifacts caused by the flicker of the artificial light source.

With the widespread use of LEDs, mobile photography is increasingly plagued by flashing light sources. Ams’ latest TCS3408 color sensor has higher accuracy and sensitivity. It can be used not only to measure the color temperature and intensity of ambient light, but also to detect optical physical flicker, enabling the camera image enhancement system to eliminate defects caused by artificial light sources. Shadow. It offers the industry’s highest level of on-chip source flicker detection sensitivity three times higher than the previous generation TCS3707.

Dave Moon, senior product marketing manager for the integrated optical sensor business line at AMS Semiconductor, said: “Today, high-resolution smartphone cameras have an ever-increasing number of pixels that capture images with extraordinary detail and clarity. However, pictures and videos often Due to the unsightly streaks and distortions caused by the flickering of the artificial light source, it is destroyed. Thanks to the TCS3408 high-sensitivity light source flicker sensor, the smartphone will be able to capture without any source flicker and artifacts under all light sources. And detailed details of the image.”

Real World Color Sensing

Today’s mobile phone cameras typically use basic three-channel red/green/blue (RGB) sensors to estimate color balance in image enhancement systems and do not implement Flicker detection. The TCS3408 supports on-chip Flicker detection, concurrently reading five ambient light sensing channels (in addition to the RGB channel, an additional wide band channel and a full band channel as a reference) to accurately measure the color and intensity of the light. The TCS3408 also offers the option of storing a series of flicker measurement data in internal memory, allowing the camera processor’s video processor to detect high-order flicker frequencies (up to 2kHz). These flicker frequencies are ubiquitous in modern pulse-width modulated (PWM)-based LED sources, and LED sources will become more popular in the foreseeable future.

How does the TCS3408 reduce the flickering artifacts of the light source?

During the camera’s rolling shutter operation, if the visible light modulation caused by the flickering light source is captured, the captured image or video will have striping artifacts that cause distortion. The TCS3408 device includes a Flicker detection engine for detecting flicker of a 50Hz or 60Hz source typically produced by incandescent or fluorescent lamps. When the source flicker is detected, it is captured and reported by the device’s internal status register, and the digital I2C interface quickly reports the output information through external processing. Knowing that there is a flicker in the light source, the camera’s video processor synchronizes the shutter with the “on” portion of the ambient light output in the scene. With the extra information provided by the TCS3408, the video processor eliminates distorted strip artifacts and virtually restores the image seen in the user’s eyes.

AMS Semiconductor’s optical sensing expertise

The TCS3408 is the latest addition to Amers’s line of intelligent optical sensors for managing the color and intensity of mobile phone displays and enhancing the image processing capabilities of the camera. It offers ultra-high color detection sensitivity, 10 times ALS sensitivity and only half the power consumption of competing products. Amers Semiconductor has developed a color sensor with on-chip Flicker detection to detect the flicker of modern light sources, so it is trusted by smartphone manufacturers. Amers Semiconductor offers industry-leading optical sensing solutions that differentiate their products from the competition.

The TCS3408 is currently in volume production. The unit price is $1.25 when ordering 1,000 pieces.

An evaluation module for the TCS3408 color sensor has been introduced.


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