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MTS Launches a New SANSFLEX Controller for More Accurate Data

As a long-established instrument manufacturer in the deep-growing instrument industry, MTS has been relying on its advanced technology and professional knowledge to continuously deliver many high-quality products to the instrument industry. Recently, after continuous research and development by the research team, MTS has once again launched a new masterpiece for the whole society – SANSFLEXTM controller.

The new SANSFLEX controller developed for the SANS product line captures more data points and collects more accurate test data. The Ethernet connection used by the controller supports higher speeds and provides a more reliable connection than the DCS-300 controller and most competitive controllers.

Unlike the DCS-300 and other older controllers on the market, the SANSFLEX controllers are designed by the engineering development teams in the US, Europe and China to the latest quality standards. Manufacturing and assembly is done by industry leading teams in Europe and China.

Higher closed loop control rate

Increasing the data collection rate ensures that you don’t miss important events during the test. Data acquisition rate is the speed at which real-world information and physical conditions can be measured and converted to values ​​that can be used by a computer. This rate, also known as the sample rate, is actually how fast the sample rate is, downloading the data and using it for further analysis can also achieve the same fast rate, or at a slower rate to meet the test needs.

Higher resolution

  • The SANSFLEX controller provides enhanced and improved communication, reducing the need for external data acquisition (DAQ) systems. Optional simulation.
  • I/O and digital I/O boards allow you to upgrade your system to meet specific test requirements, so you have more accessory ports than the DCS-300 and the ability to integrate multiple external devices.

TEDS function

The controller uses the RJ50 and Ethernet connector RJ45 to provide a robust and reliable cable connection, unlike the USB connectors that are common on other controllers. Racks, fixtures, or specimens that damage the load can occur when the signal path is lost during the test operation, and a strong connection prevents such events from occurring. The RJ50 and Ethernet RJ45 connectors have a locking mechanism to help ensure a secure connection.

Ethernet communication

The SANSFLEX controller allows you to customize content beyond the base model by selecting other dashboards. You can choose the features you need now and in the future to provide maximum flexibility and maximum overall value.

With extremely fast data acquisition rates and higher resolutions, you can run tests more accurately than ever before. When you can test with greater confidence, you can bring your products to market faster.

Added controller channel function

Summarize what are the highlights of SANSFLEX

  • Closed-loop control rate of 2000 Hz – better control throughout the test
  • High-speed data acquisition rate, 66 times faster than DCS-300 controllers – faster
  • Improve resolution and provide greater accuracy for your data
  • Has the ability to integrate external devices.
  • Integrate external data acquisition and flexible custom control board configuration if needed – more flexible
  • TEDS function and shunt calibration function can help you run the test more accurately and have more confidence in the test data.
  • More accurate determination of yield stress, ultimate stress and exact fracture point of the specimen
  • Reliable cable connection – more secure
  • Ethernet communication – support higher speed, more stable and reliable
  • Capable of capturing detailed test procedures

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