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1n4007 Rectifier Diode

1N 4007 has a place with the arrangement of 1NXXXX gadgets. Its an American standard numbering framework standard utilized for semiconductor gadgets. This standard has been embraced all inclusive at this point. In 1N 4007 the initial segment 1N demonstrates single intersection semiconductor. 1N demonstrates 1 intersection though N shows the semiconductor diode. 4007 is the particular number to demonstrate the specific diode. From the electrical perspective, 1N 4007 is good with other rectifier diodes. The diodes having a place with 1N400X arrangement can be supplanted by this specific diode. They are regularly utilized in Embedded Systems Projects.

1n4007 Diode Introduction

A diode is a gadget that empowers current to stream one path as it seemed to be. That is, the current should constantly spill out of the anode to the cathode. The cathode terminal can be identified with a dull bar as showed up in the picture.

For diode 1N4007, the most extraordinary current passing on utmost is 1A and withstands tops up to 30A. We can, in this way, use it in circuits planned for under 1A. The alter current is 5uA, which is immaterial. The scattered force of this diode is 3W.

A rectifier diode is used as a confined check valve. Since these diodes simply empower electrical flow to go one way, they are used to change over turning flow to arrange flow. When manufacturing a rectifier, it is fundamental to pick the right diode for the movement, for the most part the circuit may be hurt. Fortunately, a 1N4007 diode is electrically flawless with other rectifier diodes and can replace any diode in the 1N400x family.

1N4007 datasheet

1N4007 Pinout and Pins Configuration

1N 4007 has a total of two (2) pins, the anode and the cathode.

​Pin No.Pin NameDescription
1AnodeCurrent always Enters   through Anode
2CathodeCurrent always Exits   through Cathode

The figure below shows the complete pin diagram as well as the animation, symbolic representation and the real image of the 1N 4007.

1N4007 Applications

  • Half wave and full wave rectifier
  • Can be used to prevent polarity reversal
  • Used as a protective device
  • Current flow regulator

1N4007 Specifications

  • Average forward current is 1A
  • Non-repetitive Peak current is 30A
  • Reverse current is 5uA.
  • Peak repetitive Reverse voltage is 1000V
  • Power dissipation 3W
  • Available in DO-41 Package
  • Categories, Diodes
  • Manufacturer, ON Semiconductor
  • Packaging,  Cut Tape (CT)
  • Part Status, Discontinued at Digi-Key 
  • Diode Type, Standard 
  • Voltage – DC Reverse (Vr) (Max), 1000V 
  • Current – Average Rectified (Io), 1A 
  • Voltage – Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If, 1.1V @ 1A 
  • Speed, Standard Recovery >500ns, > 200mA (Io) 
  • Current – Reverse Leakage @ Vr, 5µA @ 1000V 
  • Capacitance @ Vr, F, 15pF @ 4V, 1MHz 
  • Mounting Type, Through Hole 
  • Package / Case, DO-204AL, DO-41, Axial 
  • Supplier Device Package, DO-41 
  • Operating Temperature – Junction, -55°C ~ 175°C 
  • Mounting Style:  Through Hole 
  • Package / Case:  DO-41 
  • Vr – Reverse Voltage:  1 kV 
  • Type:  Standard Recovery Rectifiers 
  • Configuration:  Single 
  • Max Surge Current:  30 A 
  • Ir – Reverse Current:  10 uA 
  • Series:  1N4007 
  • Packaging:  Cut Tape 
  • Packaging:  Reel 
  • Height:  2.72 mm
  • Length:  5.21 mm
  • Product:  Rectifiers
  • Termination Style:  Through Hole
  • Width:  2.72 mm
  • Brand:  ON Semiconductor / Fairchild
  • Pd – Power Dissipation:  3 W
  • Product Type:  Rectifiers


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