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Anker Launched a Variety of Charging Peripheral Products

On the afternoon of October 24th, Anker Anker Innovation held a 2019 new product launch conference in New York and released a variety of charging peripheral products.

As a pioneer in the field of charging products, Anker has a lot of products worth talking about, such as the previous 18-watt charging head, which is almost the same size as the charging head of Apple’s 5 Fu 1 An, and this time Anker brought More charging peripheral products.

Mobile power also has a colorful color scheme

Color mobile power

In the past two years, the color matching of terminal products has become more and more vivid, but in charging products, black/white is still their main color. This time, Anker caters to the current “color” environment, launching a variety of color mobile power, foggy indigo, cinnabar red, matte brown, this year’s iPhone 11 Pro series of dark green support is also supported, even the wire is also matched with The corresponding color. The PowerCore III Sense 10000mAh mobile power supply and the PowerCore III Luxe 10000mAh are also available in fabric and leather. It will be launched in January 2020.

4 GaN (gallium nitride) products

Anker exhibited four GaN (GaN) products, including Power Port Atom III Slim 30W GaN charger, PowerPort Atom III Slim 4-port GaN (gallium nitride) table charger, and connector convertible PowerPort Atom III Pod. 65W GaN charger, PowerPort Atom III Duo 60W GaN charger, power from 30W to 65W, suitable for mainstream digital devices in the market.

The charging line that can pull the car ushers in the third generation

Third generation pull line

Earlier, Anker had introduced the “drawing car” charging money, which can carry 80 kilocarats and 1.5 tons of cars, and can be coped with 30,000 times. The third generation of the pull line is 30% thinner than the conventional data line, and the life expectancy is 35 times that of the conventional data line.

DC can also support USB-C charging

For laptops, especially for older models, charging is basically done by DC cable. The DC port is often equipped with a large transformer, which is more troublesome to carry.

The CtoDC data line introduced this time will solve this problem. It converts the charger’s power output to DC power, and with Anker’s C-port charger or mobile power supply, it can charge almost any electronic device.

Mobile power supply with AC plug – PowerHouse


In addition to the more conventional mobile power, this time Anker also released a PowerHouse. For the previous mobile phone terminal, PowerHouse is more suitable for laptops. The official said that it can charge the MacBook twice, and supports USB-C PD wall/car charger and solar charger. However, the details of Anker did not reveal too much.

Charging products can also be upgraded with firmware

As users’ demand for charging products increases and the required quality becomes higher and higher, various charging protocols are also derived. Anker launched its self-developed PowerIQ 3.0 in early 2019, which is compatible with more fast-charge protocols based on the latest USB-C protocol.

From now on, Anker will introduce Power IQ 3.0 chargers and mobile power supplies that support firmware updates. When mobile devices release new charging protocols in the future, users can choose to adapt the new protocol by upgrading firmware and continue to use the device.


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