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Qorvo Launches the Most Powerful Power Application Controller (PAC) Series in the Market

Qorvo®, Inc. (Nasdaq: QRVO), a leading provider of core technologies and RF solutions for mobile applications, infrastructure and defense applications, today announced the launch of the newest powerful power application controller on the market (PAC) series PAC5xxx.

The new Power Application Controller (PACTM) reduces BOM costs by 30%. This family of single-chip SOC controllers delivers high efficiency, high performance and long battery life for brushless DC (BLDC) motor powered tools.

Larry Blackledge, General Manager, Qorvo’s Programmable Power Management Business Unit, said: “Qorvo is the first to introduce an integrated, controllable, programmable smart gate driver solution that integrates high-performance FLASH MCUs on a single chip. With PAC5527, OEMs can design highly reliable High-performance tools with minimal footprint.”

Qorvo’s new PAC5527 Power Application Controller® (PACTM) integrates multiple modules in a single-chip SOC, including FLASH-based high-performance 150MHz Arm® Cortex-M4F® with 128kB FLASH; power management module; programmable current High-side and low-side gate drivers; signal conditioning modules. This combination can significantly save PCB space and reduce BOM by up to 30% compared to competing solutions.

With its high-performance MCUs, designers can add other value-added features such as security standards, diagnostics, and self-test capabilities to enhance overall system reliability. Consumers will also benefit from electronic devices that are lighter, more compact, more reliable, and have longer battery life.

BLDC motors are widely used due to their maintenance-free, long life, high power efficiency and low noise operation. In addition to electric and gardening tools, next-generation systems will move from brushed DC motors to brushless DC motors, including white goods, HVAC systems, automotive, aerospace, defense and medical equipment.

Qorvo’s Programmable Power Management business unit provides power management and intelligent motor-driven expertise for major growth markets. Its analog and mixed-signal SoC combination provides a scalable core platform for charging, driving and embedded digital control systems for industrial, commercial and consumer electronics applications. Qorvo offers Power Application Controller® (PACTM) and DC-DC power management products that dramatically improve system reliability while reducing solution size, cost, and system development time.


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