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Sony Wireless MDR-XB50BS Bluetooth Headset

Nowadays, there are a variety of sports Bluetooth headsets on the market. Although there are many categories, there are two main ways to wear them: neck-mounted and ear-hook. Aside from wearing the way, the sound quality is indispensable, and the sound quality of the Sony headphones naturally need not be said. Next, we will introduce this Bluetooth headset from Sony Wireless MDR-XB505BS.

The Sony Wireless MDR-XB505BS Bluetooth Headset comes from the Sony XB series, which can quickly connect to the phone via NFC, continuing the low frequency of the EXTRA BASSTM subwoofer series. The response frequency range is 4Hz-24000Hz. Equipped with a 12mm full-range drive unit, the low-frequency dive is deep and very transparent, and the strong drum and rhythm are amazing, but it doesn’t look like a lot of sports headphones. The sound is more transparent than Sony’s sports MP3. Much more. This headset is suitable for the interpretation of low-frequency, popular pop, rock, electronic dance music and other styles, and the elastic stereo low frequency beat into the ears. At the same time, the density of the medium and high frequency bands exhibited by these two earphones are very suitable, the vocals are clear and powerful, and the overall sound level is rich.

Waterproof, Sony Wireless MDR-XB505BS Bluetooth Headset supports the highest IPX4 protection level. This level of water resistance makes it easy to prevent splashing and rain, and most importantly to prevent sweat during exercise. On the battery life, the built-in battery of this headset can achieve music playback time of about 8.5 hours, standby time of about 200 hours, and only about 2.5 hours to fully charge the headset.

The Sony Wireless MDR-XB505BS Bluetooth Headset is a sports headset, so jogging is the correct way to open it. The wearing stability of such headphones in motion is also an important dimension of experience. Sony wireless MDR-XB505BS Bluetooth headset in addition to comfortable earplugs, the role of the ear support is also in place, so that the headset is very good fixed on the ear is not loose, comfortable and the headset will not fall.

Sony wireless MDR-XB505BS Bluetooth headset EXTRA BASSTM sound effects should be compared to the taste of users who like sports and fitness, if you want a more affordable and cost-effective sports Bluetooth headset, Sony Wireless MDR-XB505BS Bluetooth headset will It is a cost-effective option, and there are not many Bluetooth headsets with IPX4 protection and NFC capabilities.


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