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Sports Truely Wireless Bluetooth Headset WF-SP700N From Sony

Sony’s truely wireless Bluetooth headset WF-SP700N is a big selling point is to provide four eye-catching two-color mixed design body, in line with IPX4 waterproof splash level, plus the same as the WF-1000X to support active noise reduction, become the world’s first waterproof collection A true wireless Bluetooth headset with splash and active noise reduction.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to noise reduction, the WF-SP700N also corresponds to the “Environmental Sound Control” function (or audio pass-through/penetration mode). If you want to isolate or retain the external sound, you can use the Sony | Headphones Connect APP. Can be completely calculated by the user. The app can also set the “quick sound setting” mode, allowing the user to preset the EQ equalizer and noise reduction/environment sound mode to be used, and then double-press the multi-function button of the left earphone to start, which is very convenient.

Because the positioning is a sports earphone, Sony also specially added two pairs of detachable silicone fixed ear flaps for the WF-SP700N. Try to shake the head without accidental dropping, and you can safely wear it during running or physical training. Because the fixed ear wing is detachable, it can be used in daily walking and riding, and the ear flap can be removed immediately to reduce its “sports taste”.

Like other true wireless Bluetooth headsets, the Sony WF-SP700N also uses a portable storage charging box for charging, and its storage box is designed with a square design, which is convenient to carry around, and can fully charge a pair of headphones twice. As for the continuous use time of the headphones, it is possible to use the Sony Xperia XZ2 and listen to the song continuously for about 3 hours.

Sony’s true wireless Bluetooth headset WF-SP700N light body, comfortable wearing and heavier bass gave me a good BGM running. If you also like to have a headset with no cable at all when you are exercising, sports beans will be a very good choice.

As for the connection, the SP700N can be connected by NFC in the battery case, or the left earphone can be connected, and then the right earphone can be activated. More uniquely, for the stability of the connection and the quality of the call, you can only use the left side to listen to music when you are on the phone. This is also understood to mean that if you want to use the SP700N to talk and chat, you can connect to the left.

Sony not only manufactures and designs true wireless headsets, but also launches products that cater to their needs for users with different positioning. The SP700N not only reflects its design features, but also takes into account the needs of sports users. It can be said that all the sports people who have experienced the SP700N will be attracted by its outstanding performance and sound performance.

Take advantage of every workout with the true wireless Bluetooth headset Sony WF-SP700N. Noise reduction technology can eliminate interference and let you concentrate. The ambient sound mode allows you to enjoy the music while listening to the surrounding environment and better sensing the changes in the real world.

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