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Is the Car inverter Harmful to the Battery?

This article will introduce the car inverter, including whether it affects devices such as batteries.

The car inverter can turn 12V to 220V! Inverters are still quite practical, but many people worry that car inverters are harmful to batteries! Many people may be worried about the damage to the battery because they see 12V to 220V! As long as it is used in car batteries, more or less will have some impact on the battery, if the operation is not good, the impact on the battery will be even greater! So we only need to find out the correct way to use the inverter, which will reduce the damage to the battery!

Does car inverter charging have an effect on the battery?

Does car inverter charging have an effect on the battery? There will be no impact, but the charging time is obviously longer than the home, the quality of the car inverter is better, or the output is unstable. In addition, it is recommended to take a route for the inverter in the car alone, because the cable of the cigarette lighter interface is relatively thin. If there is a separate 12V output in the car, if not, just go all the way from the battery to the car. Inverter use. In addition, the inverter must have a switch and a fan.

Suitable for car power inverters for automobiles

Because the car circuit has a maximum allowable current value during the design process, most of the cars allow the maximum output power through the cigarette lighter interface to generally not exceed 200W, so the inverter power input through the car cigarette lighter interface is not recommended. More than 200W. If you need to use high-powered electrical equipment, you need to buy the inverter that is connected to the battery. The high-power inverter must start when the car engine is working. Most of the built-in generators generate power of less than 1000W. For automotive inverters with more than 1000W, if the inverter works for a long time, the power consumption is higher than that of the vehicle generator. That will cause the battery to lose power. If you do this often, it is best to change the car’s own generator to a big one. Whether it is produced by regular manufacturers, whether it meets the 3C standard;

Products produced by regular manufacturers will have registered trademarks. This is for inspection. The manufacturer’s address and telephone number are printed in the package or accessories. If not, the product can be basically judged as three products. At the same time, regular manufacturers provide more comprehensive after-sales and technical support. There are many products in the country, playing a bunch of foreign languages, but not even the trademarks, manufacturers, but also the Japanese import products, this product is likely to be a cottage product, it is best not to buy.

Many products sold in China are marked with FC, CE, 3C, FC and CE are the certification standards of the United States and the European Union, and 3C is the national standard.


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