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Mate30Pro and Xiaomi CC9Pro, Which one is better?

Not long ago, Xiaomi held a new product launch, the most serious of which The product of the pound is the Xiaomi CC9 Pro with “100 million pixels”. Xiaomi CC9 Pro’s powerful camera performance can’t help but remind people of the same main photo Huawei Mate 30Pro. As a “photographing party”, the choice of the two models seems to be a problem, and many netizens have wit on the Internet to answer: poor choice of CC 9Pro, rich choice of Mate 30Pro. But is this really the case? After reading this article, I believe you have the answer.

According to the DXO ranking, Xiaomi CC9 Pro and Huawei Mate 30Pro tied for first place with a score of 121 points. This also shows that these two models are the “photographing role” of the mobile phone circle, which can satisfy the photography needs of most consumers. Of course, for the lenses of these two phones,We need to study deeper to compare the differences between the two. First look at the hardware level, Xiaomi CC 9Pro uses a five-lens design, covering the super shooting angle, macro, portrait and other major shooting scenes.

The most eye-catching one is the 100 million-pixel main camera. This main camera is not only high in pixels, but also “outsole” – The size of the photosensitive element is up to 1/1.33 inches. As everyone knows, “Big Big” can make photos blur in place and more textured. The Huawei Mate 30Pro uses Leica four shots, which has a more depth of field lens than the Xiaomi CC9 Pro, with fewer portraits and macro lenses. From the hardware level, we can see that the two models are still very different. The hardware directly determines the camera’s camera effect. The Xiaomi CC9 Pro has more hardware stacking, which makes it more abundant in the focal length than Huawei Mate 30Pro.

The millet CC 9Pro has a special lens to process the focal lengths from 1x to 10x zoom, without cropping. Happening.In the same process of change of Huawei Mate 30Pro, many zoom pictures are cropped, and the details are somewhat blurred.

Of course, Xiaomi CC 9Pro also has weaknesses, such as night shooting and Huawei There is a gap in Mate 30Pro. All know that night shots mainly test software algorithms, and in the field of camera algorithms, Huawei is the big brother. According to the evaluation results of many media, Mate 30Pro performed well in the night shooting, which can clearly reflect the subject, as if the soft light was being shot, and no noise was seen at all.

The accumulation of algorithms in the field, also makes Huawei Mate 30Pro have some features, such as 7680 frame slow motion photography, contrast, Xiaomi CC9 Pro slow motion only 960 frames, this gap is still quite large, after all, Huawei Mate 30Pro can make a clear butterfly wing! If the camera part, Xiaomi CC9 Pro and Huawei Mate 30Pro are still in a horizontal line, then the processor level, Xiaomi CC9 Pro Be completely behind Mate 30Pro. Xiaomi CC9 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm 骁 Dragon 730G, G means “game”, so literally it is 730 game enhanced version.

Lei Jun said at the press conference that the Xiaolong 730G is a “small 855”, but in fact, this is much smaller than the Xiaolong 855, 730G Antu The rabbit ran only 20w points, and even half of the 855 did not arrive.The Mate 30Pro is equipped with the Kirin 990 and the Snapdragon 855. It is even slightly stronger, so the CPU performance of the Xiaomi CC9 Pro does not reach half of the Mate 30Pro. It must be said that the knife of Xiaomi The method is still quite accurate, and the processor performance can be cut and cut.

The Qualcomm 730G is of course stress-free in the face of the king who eats chicken. The two popular games have lower requirements for configuration. However, the bad processor will also affect the camera, because the processor will process the image at the moment of pressing the shutter button, which is quite a test of the performance of the phone. In fact, many users have reported that the Xiaomi CC9 Pro is too slow to take a picture of 100 million pixels. It takes a few seconds to produce a film. The reason is that the processor performance is not enough.

As we all know, mobile phone camera is quite power-hungry, so Xiaomi CC9 Pro is equipped with 5260mAh super invincible battery. A charging treasure,It’s easy to use this thing heavily for a day. Of course, the battery of the Mate 30Pro 4500mAh is not too small. In addition, as a DXO ranked first machine, CC9 Pro starts at less than 3,000 yuan, have to say “Millet really incense”, to know the same top DXO machines, the price is 5,000 Above the yuan. Spend less than 3,000 yuan and enjoy the world’s number one photo experience.

In general, the Mate 30Pro and Xiaomi CC9 Pro phones are often compared, mainly because DXO is ranked first. The lenses of the two mobile phones are powerful, but the focus is slightly different. The Xiaomi CC9 Pro achieves full coverage of the focal length with five lenses, while the Mate 30Pro pays more attention to extreme photos, including slow motion, extreme night shooting, etc. Which one depends on your personal taste. In addition, if you value the price, of course, the first millet 9 CC Pro; if you value the overall performance and appearance, Huawei Mate 30Pro is undoubtedly more tempting.


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