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Ewellix Launches New System for IoT-Ready Electric Cylinder

Ewellix redesigned its high-performance CASM-100 and LEMC electric cylinders to add built-in wireless sensors that detect pressure and temperature.

Ewellix (formerly known as SKF Motion Technologies) announced the launch of a new electric cylinder product offering up to 82kN dynamic axial force and 1m per second speed, providing real-time, accurate operational information. Thereby increasing the productivity of the machine.

By deploying a newly designed Ivelle electric cylinder, manufacturers can upgrade their production lines without major adjustments to existing machine layouts. The new CASM-100 and LEMC electric cylinders have an integrated pressure sensor that accurately measures the torque transmitted by the motor through the internal ball or roller screw even when the electric cylinder is at rest. In addition, the sensor can also be used as a temperature monitor, which activates an alarm if there is a risk of overheating the electric cylinder.

These configurations provide operational information in real time and can be transferred to higher level control systems. As a result, overall performance and productivity can be improved while ensuring greater safety.

Damien Ehry, global business support manager for Ewellix, said: “The new features of the CASM-100 and LEMC electric cylinders are exciting. Both products are available in a variety of combinations, covering a wide range of applications, so definitely Will be favored by manufacturers and design engineers. Compared with traditional hydraulic systems, electric cylinders have the advantages of higher precision, flexibility, high performance and reliability, which can help improve customer productivity and reduce maintenance costs.”

“The built-in sensors are the key to increased productivity and lower maintenance costs,” he says. “By reducing the size of the accessories, you save space and energy, and support accurate measurements, which helps reduce the overall cost of the line. At the same time, it supports a safer manufacturing process, fully demonstrating Ivy’s customer-oriented initial development in the development of IoT-ready technology.”

Another advantage of the manufacturer’s Ivelai IoT-ready electric cylinder with built-in sensors instead of the hydraulic system is that it is easier to configure the correct size actuator. Manufacturers can replace one of the electric cylinders for testing before replacing the actuators for the entire production line, making it easy to configure the correct size actuators for the specified process and saving more cost, space and weight.


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