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2N3904 Transistor Introduction

2N3904 is a widely used general purpose transistor. E-students and amateurs usually use it in their projects, but also in commercial electronics.

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Some Skills for RFID Circuit Board Design

Although there are many uncertainties in the theory of RF circuit board design, there are still many rules that can be followed in RF circuit board design. However, in the actual design, the real practical skill is how to compromise these rules when they cannot be implemented due to various limitations. This paper will focus on various issues related to RF circuit board partition design.

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What is the Difference between PCB and PCBA?

It is believed that many people are not unfamiliar with PCB, they may hear it often in daily life, but they may not know PCBA very well, or even be confused with PCB. So what is PCB? How did PCBA evolve? What is the difference between PCB and PCBA? Let’s learn more about it.

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Low Noise Amplifier(LNA) Basics

Low noise amplifier (LNA) is an electronic amplifier, which amplifies but does not significantly reduce its very low power signal-to-noise ratio.

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