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7404 IC Introduction

The IC 7404 belongs to a six inverter chip, which has a large working voltage range, wide operating conditions, and its output is directly connected to CMOS, NMOS and TTL.

What is 7404 IC

The SN7404 IC consists of six independent inverter gates, each consisting of an input and an output. Reverse phase is one of its main functions. In digital logic, inverter gate is the logic gate to realize logic inversion. The inverter circuit inputs and outputs to it a voltage representing the opposite logic level. If the applied input is low, the output becomes high and vice versa. The inverter can be constructed using a single NMOS transistor or a single PMOS transistor coupled to a resistor.

SN7404 hexadecimal inverter is widely used in the circuit, the most common application is to invert the applied input signal.

7404 Datasheet

7404 Pinout &Configuration

7404 pinout’s image is given, as well as the details shown in the table.

Pin NumberConfiguration
1  A Input Gate 1
2 Y Output Gate 1
3 A Input Gate 2
4 Y Output Gate 2
5  A Input Gate 3
6 Y Output Gate 3
7 Ground
8 Y Output Gate 4
9 A Input Gate 4
10 Y Output Gate 5
11 A Input Gate 5
12 Y Output Gate 6
13 A Input Gate 6
14 Positive Supply
7404 configuration

7404 Features

  • Number of inverters, 6 inverters
  • Logic Family, TTL
  • Logic Type, Bipolar
  • Supply Voltage – Max, 5.25 V
  • Supply Voltage – Min, 4.75 V
  • Minimum Operating Temperature, 0 C
  • High Level Output Current, – 0.4 mA
  • Low Level Output Current, 16 mA
  • Operating Supply Voltage, 5 V

7404 Equivalent ICs

  • The 7404 equivalent ics are: CD7404, 74LS14

Before choosing an alternative product, compare the data sheets, pin outs, and applications to get a clear picture of the differences.

How does a 7404 IC work?

As mentioned before, the SN7404 IC consists of six independent inverter gates, each consisting of an input and an output. Reverse phase is one of its main functions.

7404 Circuit


Circuit schematics can help us better understand how to use or work components or chips in a circuit. It is a reference to make them work in the actual circuit.

The above 7404 circuit schematic is for reference only.

7404 Applications

Information please see the 7404 datasheet.

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